Health Importance Of Rodent Control In Winston-Salem, NC

December 19, 2017

It is a well-known fact that rodents constitute a nuisance in homes in Winston-Salem. When they are not feeding on leftover food, they are creating nests and destroying properties. Rodents are also of public health importance as they transmit diseases. The public health importance of rodents emphasizes the importance of rodent control companies who deploy experienced rodent exterminators in controlling and eradicating rodents.

Diseases Transmitted By Rodents

Mice and rats, the most common household rodents, transmit many disease-causing organisms. A larger number of the diseases transmitted by rodents are attributed to rats. Mice transmit a lesser number of diseases. Due to the increased safety concerns of rodents, it is advised that they are properly handled. Carcasses of rodents should also be disposed properly and kept away from the reach of children. The public health importance of rodents is as a result of the diseases they transmit directly and indirectly.

Rodent removal companies near Winston-Salem employ techniques of termite control that are aimed at safety and total eradication. This is because the fur, droppings, urine, and carcass of rodents are potential sources of disease-causing organisms.

Hantavirus is one of those disease-causing organisms spread by rodents. The carcass, urine and droppings of rats carrying this virus contain particles which are airborne. These particles can be inhaled. The inhalation of Hantavirus particles could lead to Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome which can be fatal if left untreated. It is thus advised that measures of maintaining hygiene and preventing the spread of diseases should be incorporated into rodent control. An experienced rodent control company trains its staff on measures of ensuring safety and preventing the spread of rodent-borne diseases.

Rats are hosts for fleas, and they transmit plague-causing organisms to fleas which transmit them to humans. The presence of rats and fleas in an environment can lead to the spread of plague. Fleas spread the plague-causing organism when they take a blood meal. The presence of rodents in homes and buildings can also lead to the spread of Leptospirosis. Rats are carriers of Leptospirosis which can be contracted from drinking contaminated water. Bodily contact with contaminated water can also lead to infection by the causative agent of Leptospirosis. Particles of Leptospirosis-causing organisms can be inhaled from the urine of rats.

Rodents can also bite. Their bites result in irritations and infections. Rat-bite Fever is one of those diseases that can be contracted from rat bites and scratches. The carcass of rats also transmits Rat-bite Fever. Rat faeces are also sources of the germs that cause Salmonellosis. These germs are usually contracted from contaminated food and water.

With the numerous public health importance of rodents, rodent control requires conscious efforts to prevent the spread of diseases. Local Winston Salem Exterminators ensure the safety of themselves and the inhabitants of the rodent-infested part properties.

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