Home Remedies & Treatments For Hornets And Wasps In Charlotte, NC

August 13, 2018

Wasps and hornets are dangerous pests, and when provoked they can be extremely aggressive. Although they seem tiny and unnerving, they will attack if they feel threatened and sometimes they may do this in swarms. If you are in the Charlotte area of North Carolina and need pest control services for a wasp or hornet problem, Go-Forth Pest Control is the team to call.

Go-Forth ensures effective and safe removal of this scary creatures, and has you and your family's best interest first. Although there are several at home remedies for wasps and hornets, a professional's opinion and treatment is highly suggested. For preventative measures, here are some recommendations of successful avoidance.  

Professional Tips For Wasp Management

Wasps are small insects that can quickly become aggressive and attack humans and pets. These dangerous insects like to set up their nests right on or around people’s property entryway, outdoor sitting area, outdoor play area, etc. and stay put there.

You should never allow wasps to setup their nests in your home or business because they will pose grave danger to you and those around you. To safely get rid of wasps or hornets upon encountering them in your area, you should call pest control services. If you have experienced wasps or hornets before and don't want to again, we suggest the following measures:

Prevent Them From Invading Your Space

The old phrase "prevention is better than cure" is the best way to deal with wasps and hornets if you want to live in peace. One way to prevent wasp infestation in your home is to remove any habitat that they may find to be safe for them to live in. Always put away leftover food in your fridge or throw trash away in airtight bins to avoid any possibility of them accessing the food. Wasps like to feed on sugary food and will signal others to come where they encounter something they find to be tasty. Keep all of your sugary food tightly sealed and protected from any chance of access by the wasps or hornets.

Fix Any Damaged Part Of Your Property

Wasps and hornets like to set up their nests on damaged house areas such as ceilings, attics, cracks in the walls, etc. To avoid any chance of attracting an infestation, be sure to repair any part of the roof or attic that is damaged before the wasps or hornets move in to occupy. These are resilient insects that will work fiercely to protect their habitat, so don’t allow them to settle on damaged areas and simply repair them before they get in.

You can also walk around your property to check for rodent holes or any potential burrows where wasps can set up nests. Fill these holes with soil because wasps and hornets like such places they can easily build their nest on and then establish their colonies. If you are unsure of how you can do this, call in experts who will help.

Grow Wasp Repelling Plants

There are a number of plants that repel wasps that you can plant in your compound to help keep the insects off your property. Plants such as spearmint, thyme citronella, eucalyptus, wormwood are good natural deterrents. As you plant these natural deterrents around your lawn, ensure that you plant flower plants a little further from your building or outdoor areas. Remember wasps like to feed on nectar that they find on flowers, so having flowers nearby can attract them to come closer. Spearmint in particular will work against wasps and hornets, but also deter other insects from being a nuisance to you.

Use Wasp Traps

A little bit of creativity can help you create a wasp trap that you can use to help you trap the insects and reduce their numbers greatly. This is an inexpensive way that you can rely on to prevent the wasps from infesting your home.

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