Hornets & Wasps Exterminator Near Me In Charlotte, NC

March 14, 2018

Hornets and wasps can make it nearly impossible for you to enjoy the comfort of your home. Although a few wasps here and there can be managed, the real issue starts when hives or colonies are formed. Not only is this dangerous for the inhabitants but hornets and wasps can also be irritating.

Differences Between Wasps & Hornets

Most people use the terms wasps and hornets interchangeably. Hornets and wasps look alike. As a matter of fact, the hornet is a particular type of wasp. Hornets tend to be rounder and stubbier than wasps and are also slightly more aggressive.  Both insects usually set up their nests in various unwanted locations on your property including behind siding, which can pose a real threat to your home. If you have an infuriating nest of wasps in your yard, please reconsider before taking care of the problem on your own. Yes, there are endless scenarios and helpful tips for DIY enthusiasts to try online, but it is generally much safer and wiser to leave the job to the professionals. Both hornets and wasps become increasingly irritated when disturbed, which means that they are hard creatures to get rid of.

Unfortunately, the longer you wait to solve the problem, the larger the nest grows and so does the threat. An exterminator that has all the skills and the experience is your best line of action when it comes to getting rid of hornets and wasps.  Sometimes an exterminator may be forced to get rid of architectural elements of your property such as the insulation, paint, stucco, floorboards, drywall or the ceiling in order to fully eliminate the pests. If you do not know how to do this correctly, you risk causing extensive damage to your property, which will cost more in the long run.


The first thing that a professional hornets and wasp exterminator will do is inspect your property to assess the rate of damage as well as identify the species of the hornets or wasps. Identification of the species is vital as it guides the exterminator on the most effective removal technique to use.


To get rid of wasps or hornets, a licensed technician should dress in protective gear. It is also the responsibility of the technician to ensure that there are no people close by that can be affected by the chemicals or can be accidentally stung. The technician will then use a range of dusts and powders, liquids or aerosols to sort the issue depending on the location of the nest. Once colony elimination is complete, the nest will be removed so that hornets or wasps do not return in the future.

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