How Do I Prepare My House For Roach Fogger? (Salisbury Exterminators)

May 7, 2020

Let us face it, cockroaches are the ugliest, most disgusting, and filthiest creatures on earth, and we have them freely crawling inside our homes. They have withstood the test of time. Cockroaches were already here when the dinosaurs were still walking on earth. They are hardy insects and will probably remain on earth long after all of us are gone. This is not a very encouraging thought, isn't it? We want to get rid of them but no one can seem to wipe them out from the face of this planet.

The good news is that roaches are not immortal by themselves. You can pick out any one of these cockroaches and give them a good stomping of the feet. What I mean is that even though cockroaches will probably be here on earth forever, you can still protect your home from them. This is where your friendly neighborhood Salisbury, NC local pest exterminators come in.

So what can they do? Pest exterminators use foggers, among other things. If this is properly done, it is one of the most effective roach killers.

This is one of the most effective roach killers there is as long as it is done properly.

If you have roach infestation problems you may consider fogging. It is fast and effective. If you are not yet convinced that fogging is the best method for you, read on.

What Is Fogging?

Foggers, also known as cockroach bombs, are a method of pest control that releases a mist of pesticides into the air. The idea is to poison roaches inside your house. It typically attacks insects that are out in the open and get into contact with the pesticides. The full name of foggers is “total release foggers” to distinguish them from pesticide application equipment that is designed to emit a fog-like spray, only this time it is in control of the user. The Environmental Protection Agency approves its use and it is safe as long as the user reads the label. You can use it against indoor pests like roaches, mosquitoes, fleas, bed bugs, and other pests. The pesticides in the foggers must be in contact with the pests to kill them.

Before Fogging

If you decide on using a total release fogger, safety precautions must be observed. Fogging is effective as long as you use it properly. You just have to know what to do to prepare. Here are some tips on how to prepare yourself and your house for a roach fogger. 

1. Inform your family members and neighbors that you will be fogging your house. This is so that they would not be entering your house at the moment. You may also use warning signs on your doors just to be sure.  

2. Use just the right amount of foggers. Many of the accidents happen when you release too many pesticides. This leads to an accumulation of flammable vapor. Always read the label to know the appropriate amount to apply for the size of the area you have. To calculate the volume of your living area, multiply the height, length, and width of each room, then add the room volumes together. Do not use foggers in small, enclosed places like cabinets, closets, and cupboards. Using foggers in an enclosed place might result in an explosion.  

3. Do not use foggers near ignition sources. Large amounts of fogger materials getting in contact with ignition sources may cause accidents. Stay away from flames, spark from electrical appliances or pilot light. The recommended distance is 6 feet away from all ignition sources, according to the Environmental Protection Agency.  

4. Vacate the treated structure immediately. This is for you to avoid breathing in poisonous mists. No one should stay inside, including pets. Keep out until it is safe to go inside as per what is said on the label or by a pest control expert. 

5. Upon returning to your area, air out by opening the doors and windows so that any remaining fumes can get out.

6. Keep the chemicals away from the reach of children and teach them not to touch the products.

Limitations Of Foggers

While foggers will definitely kill pests, there are some limitations. Here they are:

1. Sometimes, foggers do not resolve the problem. You normally place foggers on top of a table at the center of the house. Then, you activate it by pressing a tab at the top of the can. The entire contents will be released upwards, and the aerosol droplets will remain in the air until it settles on surfaces. The concern here is that roaches that are hiding in cracks and crevices would not be reached.. 

2. There are also some concerns that bug bombs are flammable. This is the reason why we should not use bug bombs near flames and ignition sources.

3. Do not allow pesticide residue on beddings, seatings, tabletops, countertops, and other surfaces. People with asthma, children, and the elderly will be at risk.  

If someone is exposed to the pesticide fog, bring him outside to get some fresh air. If their reaction is severe and ongoing, seek medical attention. Give them the name of the product used and the EPA registration number. For easy identification of treatment.  

Pest Management

Experts still agree on one thing: prevention is the best way to get rid of pets. Let us take a look at what these pests are and how we can prevent these pests from attacking our homes.

Cockroaches - We are sure that roaches are your primary targets for this. They are the most common, and the filthiest at that. Roaches live in sewers and garbage bins and eat feces, trash, rotten food, decomposing animals, and even their own kind. Because of their filthy habits, cockroaches are able to transmit deadly diseases like cholera, food poisoning, and salmonella.

To avoid attracting roaches, practice good housekeeping. Always sweep and mop the floor and then vacuum carpets, couches, sofas, and other furniture. Always keep your trash cans covered with tight lids, and regularly dispose of your garbage properly. Place your food inside sealed containers. If you have a pet, always clean after their poop and always wash their food bowl. Never keep unwashed dishes on the kitchen sink overnight.

Bed bugs - Bed bugs are tiny creatures, about the size of an apple seed, that suck blood from humans for nourishment. They are good at biting, and their bites are very itchy and ugly on the skin. Not only that, but people with bed bugs in their homes also report cases of stress, anxiety, sleeplessness, and even depression. Three U.S. government agencies consider them as high health risks: the Environmental Protection Agency, the Center for Disease Control, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Bed bugs were once considered extinct in the United States. However, due to an increase in travel, bed bugs made a comeback. Travel is said to be the number one cause of bed bugs because they are very good at hitchhiking on your luggage and clothes. If you are a traveler, it does not matter whether you are staying in a five-star hotel or in a cheap motel room; you are susceptible to bed bugs. When traveling, always check your room for bed bugs. Check your bed, its headboard, bed frame, mattress, and pillows. Check the drawers and cabinets too. Put your luggage far away from the bed. You may want to invest in a piece of luggage made of smooth plastic casing that is light in color so that you can easily detect hitchhiking bed bugs.

You can also catch bed bugs when buying from garage stores. Always inspect the item you wish to buy for bed bugs.

Mosquitoes - Mosquitoes are those tiny, fragile-looking insects that are irritatingly buzzing around our ears constantly. But do you know that these insects, while not looking to be threatening, are actually killing millions of people in the world annually? They are considered the most dangerous creatures on earth. They like to breed in standing water, so standing water is something you should avoid having in your place.

To prevent a mosquito attack, always throw away old items that can hold water for a long time, like old tires, old cans, water containers, and old gutters. Place a screen on your windows. When going out, wear long-sleeved shirts and pants, and put on mosquito repellents that have the active ingredient DEET for added protection.

If you already have a pest infestation in your house and are overwhelmed by it, and you want a safer solution other than a roach fogger, then you need to have the best pest control management in the Salisbury, NC area, Go-Forth Pest Control. 

Why Go-Forth Pest Control?

Go-Forth Pest Control will help you get rid of pests like roaches, bed bugs, mosquitoes, and flies. Their friendly technicians will always help you determine what is best for your home and will work with you on how to eliminate them safely.

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