How Long Do You Have To Be Out Of The House After An Exterminator?

April 7, 2020

Today, almost everyone is suffering from pest problems. From grand mansions down to simple apartments, owners are panicking because they don’t know what to do anymore with vermin infesting their properties. Pests don’t only target residential properties but they also target business establishments especially the ones focusing on restaurants and hotels.

Property owners are starting to lose their homes because pests keep on damaging from foundation down to the furniture. Losing your investment in front of your eyes will frustrate you because the hard-earned money you've worked for and put up in your home is slowly going away. What’s more frustrating is that your property is becoming vulnerable due to a problem that can be resolved with pest control.

Yes, pest control is always the best answer to any pest problems your property is experiencing. If your home has cockroaches, ants, fleas, bed bugs, termites, rodents, spiders, mosquitoes, and more, pest control can get rid of them and an exterminator is the one who will perform the job.

When an exterminator applies pest control, you would ask for the right time to enter treated areas. We know that some pest control products are dangerous to the health so knowing the right time is good.

If you have called an exterminator and the professional is done, you might be thinking if going inside your home is advisable. Somewhat, you might be asking if do you really need to leave the house for pest treatment? Also, you have to know what to do after the pest treatment.

Should You Leave During A Pest Control Treatment?

People are asking if they have to leave their homes whenever an exterminator comes in to perform pest control. Before, you need to go out because the chemicals used are too strong that can be bad for you.

However, today, pest exterminators have already found alternatives that will not impose too much risk on their customers. So, you are not required to go out when an exterminator is doing pest control if the professional is using safe and friendly products that will not be harmful to you.

Before an exterminator does its job, you should ask first if they are using non-toxic products so that if they will need to apply harmful ones, you can evacuate the place first to keep you, your family, and pets out of possible dangers.

When Do You Come Inside After The Pest Treatment?

Getting exposed to pest control products is a big problem because even though you have treated pests in your home, you can also inhale it which can lead to health problems. Your respiratory system is usually one of the main targets and if those chemicals get into your lungs, you can experience breathing difficulties. It is not good to be exposed to treatments even if an exterminator applied it because you and your family might suffer the most.

Before you come inside your home, you should ask the exterminator about the time you have to wait. The recommended time to wait before you can come inside is after two to four hours. You should be cautious because if you suddenly enter your home after the exterminator has finished applying the treatment, aside from affecting your respiratory system, your skin can as well absorb the chemicals which can be harmful. After 4 hours, you also have to ventilate your home for at least 30 minutes to let your house breathe. Open the windows and doors to keep your home ventilated. Also, if pesticides are sprayed in the property, make sure to come inside the treated after when the spray dries up because it is safer than going inside while pesticides are still wet.

On the other hand, the waiting time to enter the house after an exterminator has done his job may depend on the pest control done in your home. For example, if your house is treated for fleas, you should wait up to 4 hours before you can enter. But, some are advised that they can come inside once the treatments dried up.

When an exterminator has treated your home, it is always best to keep out of your property first for some time before going inside if you want to protect you, your family, and pet’s health. Especially if you have children, exposing them to such chemicals will make them suffer more.

Things To Do After The Pest Control Treatment

When you hire an exterminator, you need to expect that treatments are done so that the vermin in your home is controlled successfully. If you don't know what to do after the treatment, here are the things to keep in mind.

Wait For The Treatments To Dry

Some people would immediately come inside their homes after the treatment but this should be avoided if you want to feel healthy and safe after the treatment. When the exterminator leaves, it is not a sign that you should enter right away instead of wait for the treatments after several hours. Though some products used are less toxic, it is still best to let it dry first before you walk indoors. 

Throw Away Items That Have Treatments

When an exterminator works, there are times when some items in your home will be affected, especially the foods uncovered. If you don't store your foods safely inside a refrigerator or in airtight containers before an exterminator comes in, there is a chance that your foods will be contaminated with chemicals during the treatment process. If you have forgotten about the exposed food, after the treatment, make sure to throw it immediately before your family and pets consume it. If you don’t discard affected items like food, your loved ones can ingest it and the chemicals can affect the body severely. 

Don’t Clean Immediately

After an exterminator performed the treatment, the mess could be present so you think of cleaning immediately. However, you need to prevent this because cleaning quickly after the treatment; you might wipe away the chemicals applied and you might prevent the treatment from working effectively. You should wait for a week to clean your home. Wait for the right time to deep clean your home after the treatment and it will be all worth it.

Get Rid Of Papers

Even though an exterminator has treated your home for pests, it doesn’t guarantee that your home will be free from pests successfully if attractants like papers are still around. We know that papers will always be present in your home but if you don’t get rid of them or store them properly; pests like cockroaches and termites can still get it. If you have papers lying around even when the treatment is done, better get rid of them because termites might still show up since it is food for them. Even cardboard boxes and paper bags should be removed.

Kill Live Pests Around

When an exterminator is done treating your home, the treatments will not quickly take effect. You need to wait for a couple of days to make it work. That's why, even if your home is treated, pest activities can continue and it will gradually subside after some time. You will see live pests lingering around and you can kill them to stop them from infesting more. When you kill pests around, it will help in stopping populations from increasing again because you are preventing them from reproducing crazily. If you have fast-reproducing pests at home, you must kill them when you see them because if you don’t, they will keep on laying eggs and new generations may appear.

These are the things you need to do after the pest treatment performed by an exterminator. Even though an exterminator has done his job, you also have responsibilities to do after so as a homeowner, you need to take note of these so that you know what to do.

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