How Long Does It Take For Fleas To Die After Flea Bomb? (Greensboro Exterminators)

May 19, 2020

Have you ever looked at your fur baby and felt pity for them because of the discomfort they are going through? You can only imagine their need to constantly scratch and chew on their skin.

Without intervention, they start to develop skin diseases; they experience a lack of appetite, insomnia, and lethargy. As fur parents, you can't stand your pets being infested by fleas. Apart from the aforementioned reasons, there are other facts you need to know that will strengthen your drive to eliminate fleas for good. 

  • Fleas are a source of tapeworms. Fleas are one of the number one hosts of tapeworms. If your pet accidentally ingests an infected flea, the tapeworm directly implants itself into the guts and small intestines of the dog or cat. Within days, you'll observe your pets getting thinner and unhealthier because they do not acquire the nutrients they need to grow.

  • Heavy infestations cause anemia. Although this happens rarely, it is not impossible especially in severe infestations on smaller breeds. If this happens, your dog or cat could need a blood transfusion. If not, they could experience complications that can lead to death.

  • Infestations cause scabs and hair loss. If we have long-coated dogs and cats, we make it a habit to care for their hair. We groom them regularly. We invest in shampoos and pet conditioners to manage their beautiful coat. No matter how much time and money you invest in maintaining their coat if you don't get rid of fleas, they will start to develop scabs and experience hair loss. This is the reason why experts recommend keeping track of their skin health more than their coat.

  • Indoor dogs are not safe from fleas. Many people believe that cats and dogs are not prone to flea infestations if they live indoors. This is why they take it for granted. It takes one female flea to start a full-on infestation.

  • Did you know that one flea can lay more than 50 eggs in one breeding? It's only a matter of days before you have no sense of fleas on your hands.  There are many ways how one female flea can enter your home or your patio. It could be from a rodent, a bird, and a stray cat. One of them might have latched onto your shoe or your pants while walking home. So, it's always best to take precautions even if your pets seem secure inside your house.

  • Fleas can wait for optimum conditions before hatching. Unlike other pests that have a fixed schedule when they hatch, turn into larvae, pupae, then adult, fleas can wait for more than a year if they feel it's not safe. That's how cunning these pesky creatures are. If you apply pesticides today, there will always be a second, or third, even at 10th wave of fleas to infest your pets. Therefore, people seek help from Greensboro exterminators for a more effective method of flea control. 

  • Pesticides can suck on human blood too. That's right! Fleas do not discriminate. They can target anyone where they can suck blood, including human beings. If you have children and babies at home, you need to enhance your protective measures to keep fleas from feeding on them. Or else, they could develop skin diseases and complications from these pesky creatures. 

  • 90% of the fleas that infest your home are not on your pets. Rather, they are in the environment. This is why you need to use flea bombs to eliminate these pesky creatures for good. 

What Is A Flea Bomb And How Do I Use It?

Flea bombs are small canisters that contain insecticides.  It usually consists of the following chemicals: Cypermethrin, Permethrin, Tetramethrin, Methroprene, and Nylar. It is responsible for controlling the outbreaks inside homes. However, before you use it, you need to familiarize yourself with the product and understand the instructions on how to effectively and safely apply it.

You need to understand that the bombs do not guarantee a 100% removal rate. Experts report that roughly 80% is eliminated in one session. Plus, you need to reapply 3 to 4 times with a one-week interval. You can effectively kill adults, larvae, and pupae but not the eggs, especially if they are securely hidden inside deep cracks and crevices.

In purchasing a flea bomb, measure the area of the room you intend to apply the treatment. Flea bomb canisters have various sizes. See that the size of the flea bomb is just right for the specific room. Furthermore, you need to ensure that the bomb is certified by the authorities. If not, it could cause more damage to your home and endanger your family. Do not settle for low prices. It doesn't mean that it's cheap, but it is effective and safe for use. It's better to invest in more costly products that are certified by experts to assure you effectiveness. If you're hesitant to use a flea bomb on your own, contact a professional in your area such as Go-Forth Pest Control.  This way, they can assist you in eliminating all your pest problems at an affordable price. 

Read These Safety Warning Signs Before Attempting To Use A Flea Bomb

The flea bombs are ingested and inhaled, it can cause a variety of illnesses. Two babies and young children, it could cause Global Developmental Delay, autism, and deformities. To adults, it could cause organ failures and food poisoning.

Here are quick warnings you need to understand:

1. Never use flea bombs when pets are around.  It can cause food poisoning, including death. 

2. All electrical appliances must be turned off.  Better yet, switch your fuse off because foggers are highly flammable. Another thing to keep in mind is to keep all gas emission systems off to avoid potential fire hazards.

3. Use only one flea bomb in one room. One is enough to reach and kill as many fleas as possible.  Make sure you place the flea bomb on a flat sheet such as cardboard or newspapers to avoid any floor stains.

4. If you have family members who have asthma, you need to keep it away for as long as possible to prevent them from getting in contact with the residue. Instruct them to come home when the whole house has been cleaned.

5. See that your food, utensils, and cookery are taken out of the house.

6. Take your family and pets out for at least eight hours after the flea bomb is activated. If you have fish tanks, make sure to cover the aquarium properly to avoid killing the fish. If you have birdcages and indoor plants, secure these outside the house to keep them safe.

7. When using the bomb, keep your face as far away as possible.  Use a gas mask, gloves, goggles, and other protective materials to prevent any residue from getting in contact with your skin.

8. Do not use the flea bombs inside cupboards or any enclosed space.  Activated on the floor in the middle of the room. 

Preparing Your Home Before A Flea Bomb Treatment

Flea extermination services recommend applying these simple methods before the treatment:

  • Vacuum your home. This is an important method to make sure that the fleas are active and running for the flea bomb is working.  This increases the success rate for eliminating these pesky creatures. Also, do an initial cleaning. Focus on your pet's bedding and toys. Watch these thoroughly to eliminate any egg, larva, and pupa. This helps prevent re-infestation after how many weeks. 

  • Shut your windows before administering the flea bomb. This ensures that it reaches every crack and crevice where the fleas are hiding. 

  • Read the instructions carefully and thoroughly.  

How To Deploy The Bomb

  • Make sure you read and follow the instructions above.

  • Lay a sheet of newspaper or cardboard in the middle of the room.

  • Shake the canister and place it vertically upward on the sheet.

  • If you're planning to form multiple rooms, ask for assistance so that every canister is activated simultaneously.

  • After you push the release valve, and it clicks, but keep the house immediately and wait for 4-8 hours before going back.

What To Do After Bombing The House?

1. After 8 hours, open all windows and doors to let the air clean the atmosphere.  User aircon and electric fans to speed up the process.

2. Let the residue stay on the carpets and floors for at least 14 days to make sure no flea will survive.  It usually takes a couple of days before the fleas die off because of the insecticide.

3. Clean the rest of your home to eliminate any unwanted residue.  Use PPE for safety.

4. Re-vacuum your place to eliminate adult fleas and eggs.

Now that you know how to eliminate fleas using a flea bomb, do not hesitate to review the safety measures recommended by experts for the safety of your family. Always read and check the label.  Follow the instructions by the manufacturer. And always prepare before activating the flea bomb.

If this doesn't work, you can always contact a professional for more thorough and effective measures of flea control. Contact Go-Forth Pest Control immediately and have your free quote. 

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