How To Prepare For A Pest Control Visit

December 7, 2018

Cockroaches or what’s commonly referred to as roaches live in the very same world that we do. They are little creatures that like to feed off of both garbage and the food that we eat. We know, disgusting right? Which is why we understand how frustrating it can be if you find out that you’re actually living in a place crawling with a lot of these pests. It’s alarming how roaches can increase in number in such a short period of time. They multiply fast and they also move fast. Which is why it can be a bit difficult to ultimately get rid of them.

Preparing For A Professional Exterminator Inspection

These little dirty creatures are known to be carriers of different diseases that can easily be transferred by their contact with the food that we eat. They are carriers of both pathogens and antigens which is responsible for some digestive and respiratory issues for humans. This is why we strongly recommend that you call in Go-Forth Pest Control as soon as you see a sign of a roach infestation in your place. Our team would be more than happy to provide you the exact type of servicing that you need. Moreover, it would be a great help for you to cooperate with our team by simply doing some of the things below before we start a pest inspection or treatment.

  • While the pest control inspection team would be working to find the presence of roaches in your home to properly determine the type of infestation you’re dealing with, it will still be better if you clean anything that the roaches leave on to different part of your home such as their feces, eggs and other shedding. Vacuum these items and make sure that you properly dispose of everything that you’re able to gather.

  • See to it that there is no trash lingering around your home. If you can, empty your bins inside the house before the treatment or the inspection starts.

  • Make sure that the roach inspectors will be able to easily access all parts of your home which will be beneficial for them in determining the type of treatment to use for your house. Make sure that the areas where you have seen roaches’ feces and exoskeletons will be exposed enough to the inspector if you can.

  • If you have a lot of paper pilings in your house or other trash that you might not really be using anymore, then it will beneficial to dispose of such items as this will enable to inspectors to see in a more clear manner during inspection.

  • Seal off any water supply leaks both in your kitchen and bathroom sinks. Check for leaks that could be in the ceilings in order to make sure that there’s no other problem to be faced during the treatment.

While it may all sound so stressful to have to do all these things, remember that after doing so, you’ll be able to have that pest free environment that you want. Our Go-Forth team will be waiting for your call!

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