Impacts Of Changing Seasons To Pests

January 21, 2019

Having pest infestation at home is a big problem. It can ruin your house, your furniture, and your family’s health if not resolved immediately. Cockroaches, spiders, ants, termites, are some of the common pests you see and these pests can visit your humble abode depending on the season.

Yes! You’ve read it right! Seasons have an impact on pests. Since pests love to have warm shelter, expect that those nuisances will be present when the cold season starts. But, you still can’t have any peace of mind when the warm season comes because it is the time where pests are active.

Do you want to know how you can eliminate those pests at your home? First, learn what the impacts of weather on pests are.

Summer Increases Pest Activities

The hot weather doesn’t stop pests from enjoying their infestation. During this season, mosquitoes are active which can bother your backyard and your summer activities. This pest comes in high numbers after their breeding season which happens during spring. Wasps, bees, and ticks are also active during the summer. They build their shelter near or in your house which is dangerous. Having these pests inside and outside your home can be dangerous because it attacks humans once triggered.

Winter Attracts Pests Inside Your Home

When the cold season comes, expect that pests will infiltrate your house because this is the time where they find a warm shelter to survive the weather and hibernate – and your home is the ideal place. Pests create holes in your house to live until the winter season ends. Some are in larvae or egg stages in the water or ground to survive. Also, in winter, ants don’t fill your home hence they begin to retreat to their nesting place to settle and hibernate.

Spring Is The Season For Mating & Growing

Once the winter season ends, spring comes, and this is the time pests’ mate and grow. Pests will start their active activities again and will come out of their nesting place. During this season, ants will likely come inside your home to find a higher place to live due to rain. Some pests will be outside to mate while some will stay inside your house to create their shelter. If there are changes in your home, better take note of it to find out if pests are present or not.

Fall Triggers Gests To Find Shelter

Before the winter season enters, the fall season is the time where pests are triggered to find their shelter which will keep them warm during the cold season. Spiders and bugs may start to arrive inside your home. Also, big pests might find possible entry points in your home. When fall comes, this is the time that you should perform house maintenance to seal up all the holes, cracks, gaps which can be a reason for pests to enter.

No matter the season is, pests will come to your home if you ignore them. However, if you cannot do the pest control during those seasons, a professional is what you need. If you are looking for a budget pest control service in Chapel Hill NC, don’t look for others, choose Go-Forth Pest Control!

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