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May 18, 2020

You know how frustrating it is when you have mice at home. You badly want to get rid of them but don’t know what to do to keep them off. Mice are small yet they can be one of the reasons why you are experiencing huge problems inside your home.

Mice are considered as one of the most annoying pests because they don’t only cause damage in properties but they can also be the reason for you to fall ill. These pests are not easy to eliminate. That's why you need the help of a local mice exterminator to keep them out of your property forever.

Leaving mice alone in doing their pest activity will be your problem in the end because you will have to deal with their damage, have to spend money on repairs, and even have to bring your family members infected by mice to nearby hospitals for hospital treatment. Look at the expenses you will have to shoulder if you ignore mice. But if you call a local mice exterminator in Kernersville NC to help, you don’t have to spend a lot of money instead you can save some overtime.

If you have mice at home, you should know that they are not your friends. You have to get rid of them as quickly as possible. As the saying goes, keep your friends close, your enemies closer so here is information about mice you have to know so that you can get rid of them successfully.

What Mice Can Do?

Mice are sneaky so when they infest, you will not know what they are doing unless you caught them in the act.  If you have mice at home, here are the things they do which you probably don’t know.

Mice Are Disease Spreaders

Surprised? You better be because the mice you see at home can be the reason why you and your family are falling sick. The pest carries almost 35 diseases and some are fatal. They can transmit diseases such as salmonellosis and Hantavirus which are spread through their saliva, urine, materials used in nesting, and droppings. If you get in contact with any of these transmitters, there’s a big chance that you can acquire any of the disease mice carry so you have to be careful. Eliminating them as quickly as possible is a must for you to avoid health risks.

Mice Are Great Damagers

Did you know that mice are good at damaging your home? If you don’t, well you should be careful when you have them at home because they can be among the causes of damages in your property. Mice can chew on anything and that includes your clothes, materials, food, and more. Even your electrical wirings can be ruined which may lead to fire accidents which are scarier. Mice will keep on nibbling on anything found in your home because they need to sharpen their teeth. With their sharp teeth, they can gnaw on anything and even create holes for them to enter your house. They don’t only chew on soft things but they can also chew on wood, concrete, plastic, insulations, and rubber.

Mice Keep On Reproducing

If you see a mouse, you need to know that it is not alone because they are still others hiding in your property. The number of mice in a house will never be lower than ten because they can multiply fast. Female mice can give birth to ten litters in a year which means each litter can have up to eight babies, so, within a year, your home can be infested by 60 mice or more in months! See, if you don’t stop mice from infesting, they will keep on multiplying until your home is filled with them as if they own your house. Mice will keep on reproducing so if you don’t get rid of them, your house will be easily infested and will be under a serious pest infestation.

Mice Sneak Into Your Home

Mice need food, water, and nesting places. That's why they sneak into your house and we bet you don’t know it. You may see them running in a rush in your home but they have already made their way through your home by creating entry points. Mice will enter your home through broken windows, doors, chimney, vents, and more where they can pass through. They don’t only crawl, but they can also swim, jump, and climb so wherever they go, they can find a way to enter your home and you can’t stop them.  They will see to it to enter your house whenever they want so what you need to do is seal entry points to get rid of them.

Mice Eat Anything They Find

Storing food properly is a must especially if you have mice at home because the pest will surely find a way to eat through your goods. Once mice have made their way into your stored food, you can never eat the leftovers because you can get diseases from it especially if an infected mouse did the work. Mice will permeate through your boxes of cereals, will gnaw trash bins where food sources are found, and will simply get near any food that humans enjoy. That’s why it is always good to store your food in airtight containers or glass jars that are not easy to chew and invade. You should know that mice will not only target that you and your family enjoy, but they will eat anything they find so make sure your belongings are properly kept to avoid damage.

These are what mice can do when they are in your property. They can do a lot of things and the only thing you can do to keep your place safe and protected is to eliminate them and a local mice exterminator in Kernersville NC is the answer.

How To Keep Your House Mice-Free

If you want to have a house that is free from mice, here are the ways to stop mice and rats.

  • Keep them out by blocking entry points. Mice are good at memorizing where they entered and exited. If you flush them, they’ll come back on the same route you have tried to get rid of them. To keep them out, you should start blocking entry points to keep them out for good because even the tiniest cracks, gaps, and holes can be an opening for them. They’ll chew on it until they can pass through. Seal possible entry points tightly to prevent them from coming.

  • Store food properly. When you have mice, they will quickly find their way into your food sources. Leaving food on tables or countertops will attract the pest more so if you want to keep them out effectively, make sure your foods are properly stored. Use glass jars or airtight containers that can’t be easily gnawed. If your cereals are still inside boxes, better pour them in containers to keep it safe from contamination.

  • Set traps. Mice can easily be caught when traps are around. You need to know that there are effective mice traps that you can apply in your home so that it will be free from pesky pests. Make sure that baits are also installed near the trap to lure the pest faster. You can do this regularly until the number of mice in your property subside.

  • Always clean your home. Mice come when they know that your house is always kept dirty. They wait for food crumbs or residues on the floor after every meal. If you don’t clean your home especially after every meal, mice will come because those food crumbs are food for them and it is easier for them to bring it back to their nests. Make sure to mop, sweep, and wipe the floor, tables, and countertops to remove any possible food sources. You also have to clean the dishes after eating. When you clean your home, you are not only preventing mice but other pests too.

  • Hire mice exterminator. If you want a mice-free home, the only professional you can count on is a mice exterminator. He is more equipped and adequate to do the elimination of mice in your place because he is trained and has the experience. He knows everything about mice so you can trust a mice exterminator with your mice problem.

These will help you have a mice-free home. If you need a local exterminator company for mice, Go-Forth Pest Control is the one you are looking for.

Get Help From Local Pest Control Company Since 1959

Go-Forth Pest Control has been helping residents of North Carolina for more than 50 years and with their long experience in the industry, they can truly get rid of any pest problems in your residential or commercial homes.

The company offers high-quality pest control services that are capable of exterminating pests infesting your property. Whether you have mice, ants, roaches, bed bugs, termites, fleas, spiders, or mosquitoes, they can get rid of them for you without putting you, your family, pets, and property in danger.

Go-Forth Pest Control ensures that all your pest problems are resolved by their highly trained, licensed, and professional pest technicians. Call them now at 1-800-841-6113 and let your home be pest-free!  

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