Mosquito Control Company Near Lexington, North Carolina

February 6, 2019

Lexington is a city located at the county seat of Davidson County in the state of North Carolina. The said city is known to be part of the Piedmont Triad region of the said state and is located just 32 kilometers south of another known city in the state called Winston-Salem. Lexington houses major highways in the country which includes I-85, I-85B, U.S. Route 29, U.S. Route 70, U.S. Route 52, and U.S. Route 64.

During the late 1990s, the city was known to have a great economy that concentrated on manufacturing textiles and furniture. But in the years later, the businesses resorted to cutting costs which meant transferring to other places that provided cheaper labor expense at the same time still remaining competitive in the global market for the mentioned products. This has caused a major change and effect on the economy and employment rate in the city for many relied on these businesses for their source of income.

Moreover, Lexington is known to have one of the most distinct types of climate which is called a humid subtropical climate. This climate allows for the people residing in the area to experience all four seasons in a year. Only, with longer summer seasons and relatively warmer temperatures all throughout the year because of the high wind humidity temperature.

This type of climate and weather behavior is very much inviting to pests since these little creatures like to thrive and dwell in spots that provide them places and spots to hide in. It’s a good thing that Go-Forth Pest Control comes to give you the best pest treatment services in the whole Triad area. Take a look at some of the pest treatment services we offer below:

Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes are probably one of the most numerous pests there are on the planet. Not only that they can easily search and nest in different places and environmental conditions, but they also have fast life cycles which makes it easy for them to reproduce at fast rates. Mosquitoes are viable carriers of different types of bacteria because of their nature of feeding that is by transferring from one host to another. Including ill ones and healthy ones. Our team of field experts is sure to eradicate the main cause and nesting spots of these insects in your place to completely eradicate the problem.

General Pest Control

Our company also provides general pest treatment services that are sure to hit more than two birds in one stone! As much as we take pride in our specialized treatment services, we also gladly offer our general treatment services that allow our team to deal with numerous types of pests all in one blast. This also allows our customers to have the type of deal that works great in their place.

Go-Forth Pest Control takes pride in its FDA approved pest treatment methods that are sure to exterminate any pests you might be dealing with at home or at your property. Call us now!

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