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January 12, 2019

Winston-Salem is a city in North Carolina just by the seat of Forsyth County. It houses a population of about 250,000 people in the Piedmont Triad region. It is also considered to be the 89th on the list of the most populated cities in the United States. The said city is known as the Twin City because of the dual heritage that it has being the City of the Arts and Innovation and for being the Camel City. 

Winston-Salem has a total area of both land and water of 133.7 square miles of which is comprised of 0.93% water area. The said city also has a humid subtropical climate which permits all four seasons of the year to be experienced only, the summer seasons are longer compared to the other seasons in a year.

North Carolina, being in the Piedmont Triad area, has a humid subtropical climate that allows the people in the area to experience all four seasons in a year. Only, summer season is much longer compared to the other seasons experienced in a year. This type of climate creates inviting dwelling places for different type of pests. Both rural areas and cities are no excuse to them.

Take a look at some of our services below:

Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes are tiny creatures that like to dwell and live in areas that provide them a lot of hosts to feed blood from. Yes, they are tiny blood sucking creatures that leave off the itchy and reddish spots markings on our skin whenever they feed on us. It’s usually getting rid of stagnant water and constant cleaning that can help get rid of these things. But to have a house completely free from such? You can call in Go-Forth Pest Control for assistance!

Termite Control

Termites are pests that cause damage on items that contain a lot of fiber and silk content. They are usually found in the housing structures of our homes and are good at hiding which is why it is best to contact your local pest exterminators like Go-Forth Pest Control in order to prevent any type of infestation in your place

Ant Control

Ants are also things you should look out for. Not only that the come in colonies, but they tend to multiply really fast which is why it is important to know where and when the build up of ants presence in your home has become dangerous and a bit out of hand. Contact our team now and have your house inspected by our field experts.

Rest assured, that you’ll receive one of the finest pest control services in North Carolina. Go-Forth Pest Control understands the importance of creating a safe and clean living environment for our customers. While it may sound like it’s a lot of work, it’s no doubt that our team of professionals will be able to resolve your pest problem significantly. What are you waiting for? Call in our Go-Forth team now!

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