Natural Spider Control In Richmond, VA

May 30, 2022

Have you ever heard it said that you are never more than three feet from a spider? This rumor started circulating a while back and was based on the fact that spiders are extremely common. These pests are not, however, everywhere. There are many places they cannot live, like inside a home that is protected with some form of spider control. Today we will be talking about which pest control in Richmond is best for your home and sharing some natural prevention tips to use if that is what you choose to do.

a spider inside a richmond home

Types Of Spiders In Richmond

There are many different types of spiders that live here in Richmond. Some of the most common home-invading spiders are wolf spiders, garden spiders, house spiders, barn spiders, and crab spiders. All spiders in our area are broken up into two categories, those that spin webs to catch their prey and those that hunt from the ground. The house spider, for instance, builds intricate webs in the corners of rooms indoors. They then wait patiently for other pests like flies and mosquitoes to get trapped in their webs so that they can kill them and feed on them. Wolf spiders, on the other hand, hunt from the ground. You are most likely to find these arachnids lurking in basements and storage areas, looking for unsuspecting prey. 

Are Spiders Dangerous Enough To Kill People?

There are two types of dangerous spiders here in Richmond. The first is the black widow spider. This pest is 1 ½ to 1 ⅜” long, black, and has a bulbous abdomen. You can further identify this arachnid by the red hourglass-shaped mark on its underside. It is good to note that not all species of widow spiders have this mark. The second of the dangerous spiders in our area is the brown recluse spider. This pest is ¼ to ½” long, light to dark brown, and has a backward violin-shaped mark behind its head. Both of these harmful arachnids have killed people in the past. Fatalities, however, are rare and usually only occur in infants, the elderly, and people with certain medical conditions. That said, your chances of serious harm and discomfort go down drastically if you seek medical attention after being bitten. 

Five Natural Spider-Prevention Tips 

In order to prevent spiders, it is important that you make sure your home’s exterior is properly sealed and that attractants are reduced as much as possible. Here are five natural ways to do these things around your Richmond home and property.

  1. Turn off exterior lights after it gets dark out, or invest in yellow, insect-resistant lightbulbs.
  2. Use some silicone caulk or liquid cement to fill in holes, gaps, and cracks in your home’s exterior foundation.
  3. Repair or replace window/door screens that are damaged.
  4. Make sure all of your exterior doors are protected with door sweeps and weatherstripping.
  5. Keep clutter to a minimum in and around your home.

The Best Way To Keep Spiders Away

The only way to make sure spiders get and stay away from your Richmond home is to invest in professional pest control. At Go-Forth Pest Control, we offer more than just services to handle pests like spiders. We offer detailed plans that can be custom-fit to meet each of our client’s needs. All you need to do to get custom treatments for your Richmond home is to let one of our friendly and highly-trained technicians pay you a visit. We will perform a detailed inspection of your home and property and inform you of what option we think will best fit your pest control needs.

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