Pest Control Methods & Products In Winston-Salem, NC

May 30, 2018

Pests are troublesome and some are potentially harmful to our health. Their presence around or in your Winston-Salem, NC home could mean increased susceptibility to a number of infections and other health related problems. Besides this, they also make our homes uncomfortable since some of them depend on humans for food. 

Pest Management Made Simple!

There is no doubt that no one would enjoy staying in a place where they are constantly bitten by mosquitoes, flies and several other pests. This means that appropriate control methods have to be put in place to control pests. The following methods would help you keep your home free from pests:

Neem Oil

Neem tree is common in parts of Africa and Asia and the oil extracted from its seeds can be effectively used in controlling a number of pests. It contains an active ingredient, azadarachtin which inhibits growth of insects and molting thereby preventing maturity and reproduction. This helps in reducing the population of pests. It is ideal for use in places where there are no major infestations.

Diatomaceous Earth

If you are opposed to using chemical products in controlling pests, then diatomaceous earth would be an ultimate solution for you in controlling pests. Diatomaceous earth powder is composed of diatoms and when it cuts any insect or pest that comes in to contact with it. Diatomaceous earth is best used in dry places. When used in wet places, its effectiveness reduces.

Trap Crops

A lot of pests are attracted to crops since crops act as a source of food to them. However, there are a number of crops that also depend on insects and pests for food. Planting such plants in your flower bed could help you in reducing the population of pests around your home.  


Pyrethrin is extracted from chrysanthemum plant. It is one of the most popular products in controlling insects and pests. It is safe to most mammals and this makes it ideal for use in your house and around your home. Moreover, it is very powerful in low doses and fast acting and when sprayed in air, a lot of flying insects drop down immediately.


Rotenone is an organic pest killer that occurs in the roots of a number of plants. It is very active against many insects and its down side is that it could be toxic to some mammals. This therefore means that you have to be very cautious while using this product to control pests.

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