Pest Control Preparation Sheet

December 7, 2018

Pest control preparation sheets are those documents that the customer is expected to review and comply with prior to any type of pest inspection and services by the pest control company. Usually, these preparation sheets contain what the homeowners are supposed to do before having the house inspection in their place. It can also include the post service treatment that the customers should expect from the pest control experts and what they should also be doing by themselves after the treatment has been made by the pest control company.

Preparing For A Professional Exterminator

This sheet helps in providing a clear way of pest control implementation in a household especially if a house is being habituated by more than a few number of individuals. Not only does it help in dealing with the pest issue itself, but it will also help prepare the people involved with what to expect and what to watch out for during and after the pest control services.

Here are some things that you’re more likely to find in a Pest Control Preparation sheet:

  • You’re probably gonna find that you’re advised to still conduct your general housekeeping activities prior to the start of the inspection and the plan implementation itself.

  • Clear out your kitchen tables and counter tops with food items and other loose items that are not supposed to be in their designated places.

  • Inform the pest control experts if you have a pregnant person living in the house to be cleared for infestation so as people who are prone to respiratory illnesses as a precaution since the insecticides to be used can still have an effect to these people.

  • Make sure to seal in all doors and windows before the treatment starts and even after the pest treatment has been conducted in order to let the pesticides dry up inside the house concentratedly.

  • If your yard is to be treated as well, make sure that you keep mammals and other pets to be away from the treated areas as the pesticides and other chemicals to be use against the pests may have a negative effect still for other animals.

  • Expect our trained pest control team to complete a whole risk assessment on the site in order to provide you a full on inspection report which will ultimately include prevention tips for the future.

  • The treatments to be recommended and done will be assessed through the level and intensity of pest infestation in the place and the scope of the infestation inside or outside your house. So it’s important to not hinder the pest control team in searching and checking up on different parts of your home.

One last thing to remember is that you won’t have to worry about a thing if it’s Go-Forth Pest Control that you’ll be partnering with to solve the pest issue in your household. Our team of highly trained professionals are committed in providing you high quality pest control services that are sure to cater your very distinct needs and preferences.

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