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April 6, 2020

Have you ever experienced waking up in the morning with bite marks on your back, your armpits, and your neck? That couldn’t have been a mosquito. If the bites were on your arm, it’s a possibility. But what about the areas that they can’t reach? It couldn’t have been fleas too. The bite mite mark is so much larger. Plus, if the house had fleas, you would know about it. This culprit is not new. But it is silent, agile, and almost invisible to the naked eye.

What could it be? Bed bugs, perhaps.

Bed bugs pose as one of the worst nuisances in the United States. It is a tiny and wingless creature that is about 5-7 mm long. Its width is as thin as that of an ATM card. Bed bugs are brownish in color with oval-shaped bodies that can crawl on floors, walls, and bedding quickly when it’s time to feed. But when they’re in hiding, it’s almost impossible to find them.

These tiny creatures love to feed on human and animal blood. When they do, their body swells, it enlarges, and turns reddish. Did you know that they take more than 30 minutes to satiate their hunger? This is why their bite marks are much larger because the inflammation is more intensive.

Do you wonder how you don’t feel such activity on your body? It’s because of their saliva. It acts as anesthesia to the skin. So, no matter how long they take to feed, you won’t feel a thing.

The life cycle of a bed bug is quite interesting. Their eggs are as small as a speck of dust! Yes, that’s why it’s almost impossible to find them. Bedbugs are like spiders. They are cousins, actually. Before they turn into adults, they need to shed at least five times. Like spiders, bed bugs are more vulnerable during their shedding phase. So, this is where you want to apply your anti-bed bug methods.

Did you know that the female bed bug reproduces quickly? A bed bug can reach full maturity as early as three months. When it does, it can give birth to generations of their kin. This is the reason why you need to enhance your methods of getting rid of these pesky creatures. If not, it could lead to several health issues including dermatitis, anemia, and other illness. 

Bed Bug Habitat

Because of their small size, they can easily fit anywhere including cracks and crevices. It enables them to come and go without a sign. Experts note, however, that bed bugs usually hide near people's sleep. So, they are probably somewhere on the bed, in your bedroom compartments, and the cracks near your bed.

If you’re going to apply treatments, these areas are your number one priority. Bed bugs can also hide on your curtains, carpets, and dressers. I know it’s more difficult to treat pests in those areas but we at least need to try our best.

If you think that bed bugs infestations are only common in dirty environments, you thought wrong. Bed bugs are common even in the cleanest and tidiest rooms. Imagine being in a hotel where every bedding is changed regularly and rooms and cleaned every day. These places get bed bugs too.

Experts say that dirt and clutter do not attract bed bugs. These are just hiding spots for them. What really attracts them is human blood. Regardless of location, expect that there is a bed bug lurking not one foot apart from you. 

Signs Of Bed Bug Infestation

We discussed how minute bed bugs are and how impossible they are to spot. To see them in your area entails being observant and patient. You’ll need to toss and turn everything in your room. Plus, you’re going to need a magnifying glass to see them. Here are signs you’re going to see if your house is infested by bed bugs 

Bloodstains On The Pillowcase

As we all know, bed bugs like feeding on the napes of human beings. When they detach themselves from our skin, chances are, some blood will drip onto the pillowcase. This is one thing you need to watch out. You don’t need a magnifying glass to see this especially if your pillowcase is light-colored. 

Fecal Stains

Fecal stains look like blood stains but darker and more tangible. You can feel the change of texture when you run your hands through your pillowcase and mattress. If you see dust-like stains on your bed, it is an indication that bed bugs are infesting your house. 

Musty Odor

Bed bugs produce some kind of odor. If you smell something odd on your bed, there’s a possibility of bed bugs. You need to take action immediately to avert the problem. 


We discussed that bedbugs shed at least five times before reaching maturity. When they do, they leave their old covering while they grow a new one. Usually, these are whitish, solid residue that is left by bed bugs on our mattresses.

You need to keep a close eye for this sign because it means that there is a mature female bed bug laying eggs in your surroundings. If you do not deter them, you’ll be facing a full-on infestation in no time.

Bed Bug Treatment Or Control

Do you see the urgency why we need to eliminate bed bug immediately? From the top bed bug exterminator in North Carolina, here are some of the most practical ways to eliminate bed bugs from our house. 

Regularly Wash Your Clothes

Bed bugs are typically outdoor creatures. They latch onto our clothes when they have the chance. If your house is infested by bed bugs, there is a great possibility that some of them are hiding on your used clothes. This is why you need to wash these immediately. This is also a good way to prevent them from infesting in the first place.

Whenever you get home, make sure to change your clothes before lounging on the bed or the couch. This will prevent any bugs from establishing their home. Keep your used clothes at a safe distance from where your family rests and sleeps.

Do this with your shoes as well. Bed bugs can latch onto these things too. So, as much as possible, keep them as far away from your bedroom and living room. 

Use Of Stiff Brush

When you see bed bugs on your mattress, use a stiff brush to remove them. Make sure to brush the whole mattress. You never know if there are larvae or eggs left on them. 

Vacuum Frequently

This is one of the most effective ways to eliminate bed bugs. Don’t just focus on your bedroom, vacuum the floors of your living room as well. This will eliminate any egg or nymph from growing into mature bed bugs. After you vacuum, make sure to eliminate the contents from the bag. This way, you can prevent them from growing inside your vacuum.

Repair Cracks & Crevices On Walls & Floors

 As we have discussed, bed bugs are naturally outdoor pests. However, they can get inside the house as needed. Bed bugs are regarded as winter pests because of their inability to outlive the cold. This is why they need to get inside houses for warmth and food.

If you seal every crack and crevice inside your house, you can prevent them from coming inside. This will also ward off other insects such as ants, cockroaches, and many more. If you cannot do this on your own, I’m sure there are experts near you who can fix these within a day. 

Get Rid Of Weeds

Weeds and hedges are natural bed bug hideouts. If you want to prevent them from coming in, you need to maintain a clean and tidy lawn. This includes trimming your grasses regularly so they won’t have a place to hide from the sun’s rays. Yes! What better way to kill them than using the heat of the sun? This is why you need to remove the weeds that shelter them from the heat.

If possible, use a low-impact treatment to eliminate pests in your garden. This will make your life so much easier in preventing pest infestations. You can use a solution with essential oils like Nasturtium, Geranium, and many more. You can also use other organic solutions like garlic with water and apple cider vinegar with water. 

Contact The Only Reliable Pest Control Professional Near You

Hiring a reliable expert is the best way to eliminate pests for good. You can save more time and money in doing so. Not only will they provide a holistic way to eliminate pests, but they will also prevent the pests from coming back. Try this bed bugs control near me for the most trustworthy professionals in the business.

Go-Forth Pest Control provides the best methods for pest management. These experts use organic and safe methods to eliminate all kinds of pests including roaches, mosquitoes, wasps, bees, including snakes. I’m sure DIY helps in controlling their population but it does not fully eliminate the problem. This is why hiring a professional like Go-Forth Pest Control is the best option for you. What are you waiting for contact them now for the most affordable deal!   

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