Pest Control With Dogs (Fort Mill Exterminators)

March 5, 2020

Do you have dogs at home? If yes, you should know that they are susceptible to pests. Yes, your furry pals can be targets of pests especially by fleas and ticks that need your dogs to feed for meals. The small pests that you don’t easily see with your eyes are the reasons behind why your dogs are getting uncomfortable.

Having dogs can make you happier as the furry pet serves as a happy pill. It can help brighten your day when you’re in a bad mood, can play with you, and will stay with you through thick and thin. That’s why dogs are called man’s best friend. However, your furry pets can change its behavior when pests begin to infest.

Fleas and ticks are the common pests that’ll be found on your dogs. Fleas are known to cling into the fur of your pets that’s why they are able to transport from one place to another. If you bring your dogs in a flea-infested area, that’s the time they acquire the pest and the worse, your dog will bring it back to your home. With this, the pest will spread all over your place that can lead to infestations. Same with ticks, if you don’t do any prevention, these pests will keep on coming and will never leave your dogs alone.

If your dogs are starting to show signs that pests are present in them, Fort Mill area exterminators should be called as they can provide the best treatments that can eliminate pests. But, of course, if you do pest control on your own, you should know what to do whenever dogs are around.

Things To Know About Pest Control For Dogs

During & After The Pest Control

When your dogs have pests, automatically, you’ll call for Go Forth Pest Control to help you resolve your problems. If the pest issue is already at its worst, it is always best to apply pest control because it is the fastest way of exterminating pesky pests at home or on your dogs. But, you should take note that there are things you need to know during and after pest control. The first thing you will ask if your dogs need to vacate the area when pest control is being done or after it is done.

Honestly, your dogs don’t need to leave the area when pest control is being applied or even after the process. You only have to wait for the treatments to dry before you can let your dogs run freely again so that your furry friends will not be able to run through the products applied in your home. It is best to wait for 3 hours before you let your pets enter the property after the treatment. 

Safety Of Pest Control To Dogs

Safety will always be the priority of everyone, even on pets. You don’t want to put your lovely dogs in danger, right? We know that pest control can either be safe or harmful to pets like dogs. When you decide your home to be treated, make sure to be aware of the safety it can bring to your loving dogs. Just like humans, it is not safe for dogs to have contact with pest control products because it can also impose health risks. But, you should be relieved when Fort Mill, SC exterminators handle the work because they make sure that the products they apply are friendly to humans and pets and guaranteed effective. You should know that your dogs are in good hands when professionals do the work and are in danger when pests begin to infest your furry pals. 

Inform Professionals About Your Pets

There are households that have plenty of pets like dogs. When pests like fleas and ticks attack, a lot of dogs will fall as victims. When you let professionals do pest control, make sure to inform them about the number of dogs you have at home so that they know how to handle the situation. When the exterminators are informed, they’ll be able to protect all your dogs because they will provide personalized treatment plans that will work best when you have pets and will guarantee that your dogs will not be harmed. With this, you’ll have peace of mind in the end.

Mistakes To Avoid

There are times that we commit mistakes even on pest control. It can’t be avoided especially if you are still a novice. When it comes to pest control with dogs, you should know that there are mistakes that you have to avoid because if you don’t, your pets will be put in danger. Know those mistakes here:

Never Use Pest Repellents For Humans On Dogs

This is one of the mistakes that you need to avoid because if you keep on using it, then you are putting your dogs in danger. If your pets are experiencing heartworms or mosquitoes, never apply pest repellents for humans on them because some repellents contain DEET a substance that is dangerous to pets because it can lead to poisoning and nerve damage. Applying citronella on your dogs can lead to more problems because it can affect the respiratory system of your pets and can even cause irritation. If you want to keep pests away from your dogs, what you need to do is to hire Go-Forth Pest Control and not human pest repellents on your dogs.

Don’t Leave Pets Untreated

When fleas or ticks are seen in your pets, you may think that it will be gone in a couple of weeks but this is a mistake you need to avoid. If you don’t treat your dogs, it can lead to more serious problems because pests like ticks and fleas can bring diseases to your furry friends. Once you spot that pests are present in your dogs, what you need to do is to apply remedies that can quickly soothe your dog’s situation and can help in controlling pests. But if you have spot-on remedies, make sure to use the right dosage so that your dogs will not be put on danger. Nevertheless, it is always best to call an exterminator in Fort Mill, SC to do the treatment for better results.

Keeping Pets Inside Is Not Guaranteed Safe

Some owners think that when their dogs are always inside, their friends are safe from pests like ticks and fleas. However, this is a big mistake because no matter where your pets are, when pests need to find hosts, they’ll look for your dogs even inside your home. Once your pets display signs that pests are present, what you need to do is apply immediate remedies or seek help from professionals like a veterinarian or Fort Mill area exterminators. Too much scratching, biting, and more are already signs that pests are pestering them. Fleas and ticks can quickly get near your dogs because these pests are good hitchhikers. If you don’t treat your home, your flea problems with dogs will never be resolved. 

No Pest Showing Doesn’t Mean There Are None

There are homeowners who believe in the saying, “to see is to believe” when it comes to pests. Your dogs may not show the pests it has because we know how good vermin are in hiding. If you don’t check for pests on your furry friends, you’ll never know if they have pests or not. Don’t be confident that when you don’t see pests on your dogs, you’ll never have a problem because some pests are hiding on the coat of your pets or on the pet beds, upholstery, and furniture found in your home. If you suspect that pests are around, Go-Forth Pest Control in Fort Mill, SC will do the inspection and treatments for you.

These are the mistakes you need to avoid when you do pest control with dogs. Keeping your pets safe will always be a priority but if you keep on making the same mistakes several times, your dogs will always be in danger.

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