Pest Control With Heat (Winston-Salem Exterminators)

January 27, 2020

Pests are found almost around the world. Whether you experience four seasons or two seasons, pesky pests will keep on appearing and you’ll find it troublesome. Termites, ants, mosquitoes, bed bugs, fleas, cockroaches, and more are the pests you will typically find at home and you will do everything you can to get rid of them because having them can lead to several problems.

Having pests at your property especially in your residence can scare you because they will leave damages, spread diseases, and start an infestation. Experiencing everything at the same time is worrisome and panicky because you will not know where to start because your mind is filled with thoughts on how you can get rid of pests, how you can stop the infestation, and do you need to bring your family to a hospital for treatments. If you don’t know what to do, you can call Winston-Salem exterminators and everything will be under control.

On the other hand, pest control is one of the most appropriate solutions when pests are around because it uses effective extermination methods which can guarantee successful elimination. Of course, pest control has many methods so using one technique may not be enough. Some may rely on natural methods of elimination, others will use chemicals to get rid of pests.

Aside from pesticides and natural remedies, homeowners and professionals are using heat as a way to treat pests in properties. Heat treatment is used when cockroaches and bed bugs are present since these pests can’t stand the presence of heath.

If you are not aware of what heat treatment is in pest control, here are the things you need to know about it.

What Is Pest Control With Heat?

Everyone knows that pest control is the elimination of pests like ants, cockroaches, bed bugs, termites, and more. It has several methods and one is pest control with heat. This method is an eco-friendly technique since because it uses heat as a mean in exterminating pests found in your home. Heat treatment is safe as well because it doesn’t contain any toxic chemicals which can cause health risks so your family, pets, and property will be safe when the treatment is applied. If you are running a business, heat treatment is also advisable since it is safe and will not cause any harm. It is best for hospitals, medical laboratories, offices, and nursing facilities. Because of the resistance of pests on pesticides and other chemicals today, heat treatment is far better because it can indeed get rid of your pest problems. Of course, if you need help in pest control with heat, Winston-Salem Exterminators can help you anytime.

How Does It Work?

People are curious about how pest control with heat works because not all the time it is used in exterminating pests. But, if your home is fully infested by bed bugs, for example, heat is indeed the best answer to remove the pesky pest in your property. Winston-Salem Exterminators will keep the temperature high in a restrained room, space, or entire area from 120 degrees up to 140 degrees. The temperature will be maintained for at least six hours because this kind of temperature is already deadly to pests found in the place. You should know that pests have their thermal death point that means they can die when you use the highest temperature on them. Bed bugs can die if they are exposed to 113 degrees Fahrenheit for more than 1 hour and 30 minutes

Take note that there are different ways of heating your property like propane heat or electric heat. Propane heat uses a duct to lead heat into the room while it is placed outside of the property. Air is pumped into the room so that it will reach the desired temperature. An electric heater is brought inside the house and it looks like a large suitcase where it leads warm air into the room that is recycled until the area meets the preferred temperature. Of course, before any treatment is done, you should remove everything in the area because once your belongings are exposed to heat, it can perish and you wouldn’t want your valuable items to be gone to waste. But, if you haven’t removed everything, don’t worry because experts will cover your belongings using thermal blankets which can protect your items from too much heat.

Pests That Die From Heat Treatment

Are you curious about what pests are going to be eliminated if you tend to choose pest control with heat as a solution? Well, here are the vermin that can die with heat treatment and you’ll definitely be happy.


Cockroaches are one of the most annoying pests you can encounter and they are indeed hard to deal with. Since they have been around for a longer period of time, they have already mastered the art of resistance which means they can survive even if you have applied pesticides or chemicals on them. But, if you want to get rid of them safely buy surely, heat treatment is the one. Cockroaches are attracted to moisture and food so if you have what they need, they will immediately come to your home. They will keep on infesting your house until they are satisfied. Even if you spray on them, they won’t be affected but if you use heat, they will easily succumb to it and eventually die. The need in eliminating for cockroaches is high because the pest carries bacteria which can trigger asthma and other illnesses. If you need pest control with heat, Winston-Salem Exterminators can deliver it to you.

Bed Bugs

One of the peskiest pests is bed bugs and you will never want to sleep while they are present. Bed bugs are tiny bugs that will attack you while you are in your great slumber. They feed on human blood that’s why they will get near you. The pest is usually found in mattresses, pillowcases, bedsheets, and more which you usually use. They will hide in those places and when you are snoring, they’ll go after your open skin and the next day, you’ll have bed bug bites all over your body. The bites are itchy so you will end up scratching which can worsen the situation. So, to keep your home bedbug-free, what you need is pest control with heat and Winston-Salem Exterminators can perform it. Since bed bugs are hard to eliminate, with heat, they won’t stand a chance of surviving because when the temperature is too high, the pest will die and that’s not all, even the eggs of bed bugs will be dead as well. With heat treatment, you are preventing bed bugs from multiplying and you’ll be able to enjoy your sleep every night without bites!


If there is one destructive pest that can be found around the world, termites will always top the list. Termites are called silent destroyers because they can ruin your home without your idea unless you perform an inspection. The pest will chomp down on all woods found in your places such as furniture, structure, and foundation. Eliminating them is hard and should be done meticulously because one wrong move can lead to severe results. If you want to get rid of termites and you’ve been praying for it to happen, then heat treatment is the answer. Pest control with heat can exterminate all termites found in your home. The heat will enter all areas or structure of your property and once termites felt it, they’ll eventually die and you don’t have to worry because you are getting rid of your enemy in a safe way.

Aside from these pests, heat treatment can also eliminate dust mites, carpenter ants, scorpions, and more. So if you have these pests, pest control with heat from Winston-Salem Exterminators is the answer!

Professional Pest Control Company Near You

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Go-Forth Pest Control always does their best to meet your expectations and satisfaction. They provide exceptional pest services that are guaranteed to remove all your pest problems and prevent future infestations from happening.

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