Pest Spotlight: Getting Rid Of Stink Bugs In Raleigh

January 7, 2023

Seeing a stink bug in your Raleigh home may make you want to flee. These tiny critters are infamous for their foul smell and propensity to infiltrate homes in mass numbers. If you have ever dealt with stink bugs in Raleigh, you know how challenging they can be to eradicate.

The good news is that it is possible to eliminate a stink bug invasion. The easiest way to get rid of pests in Raleigh is to let professionals handle them. If you have a stink bug invasion, call Raleigh pest control company to get them out of your home before they make the environment unbearable.

a stink bug crawling on a leaf

Do Stink Bugs Really Stink?

The answer is yes if you are wondering whether stink bugs really stink. The pests have a foul odor because of a stinky chemical they produce from a gland on their underside. Some stink bug species also can jet the substance a considerable distance. They produce the distinct odor for three reasons:

  • To attract mates
  • To protect themselves against predators
  • To warn other bugs of looming danger

You can prevent stink bugs' smell from clouding your house by gently sweeping them out of the house. You could also use a vacuum to get rid of them, but you risk having the vacuum cleaner smell as well. Because this smell can last for hours, removing the pests from your house as soon as you spot them is best.

If you have a substantial invasion, you should call stink bug pest control experts for effective removal.

Are Stink Bugs Dangerous?

Since stink bugs will not sting, they generally pose no threat to people. Their defense when feeling threatened is emitting a foul odor. However, these bugs may be bothersome despite being harmless. Because stink bugs depend on plants for food to survive, they can harm your plants.

Avoid squashing these bugs if you find them in your home, as they emit an offensive odor. Vacuum them or pick them up by hand and throw them away.

What Are Stink Bugs Attracted To?

To eliminate a stink bug invasion, you must first identify what attracts them to your home. The following are reasons Stink bugs in Raleigh are attracted to your home:

  • Shelter: Stink bugs prefer to enter homes for shelter as the temperatures drop since this is when they go through diapause.
  • Pheromones: Stink bugs produce pheromones when they find a suitable shelter, drawing other stink bugs to the area.
  • Lights: Bright lights draw stink bugs. To avoid attracting these pests, turn off your external lights and draw your shades before going to bed.
  • Green spaces: Given that they are herbivores, stink bugs tend to gather in farm areas, trees, orchards, shrubs, and expansive gardens.
  • Easy entry points: Typically, stink bugs enter buildings through foundational and roofing cracks, gaps, crevices, and holes. Additionally, they enter through door and window frames. Stink bugs can enter and infest your home when they find numerous entry points.

Once you identify the different things that attract the bugs into your home, you can identify the most effective approach to address the stink bug problem. 

The Simplest Way To Get Rid Of A Stink Bug Problem

The best action for a stink bug infestation in Raleigh is to contact a specialist. Stink bugs infest in large numbers and can be challenging to eliminate.

Go-Forth Pest Control home pest control for stink bugs will help you get rid of stink bugs permanently. We provide safe, efficient, and environmentally friendly pest control services with the best quality techniques and materials.

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