Pest Spotlight: Lady Bugs In Virginia Beach

September 26, 2022

Insects and creatures are many things, but innocent isn't one of them. The majority are destructive to homes, businesses, and personal property. Many come with health risks as well. They could have germs, transmit diseases, or cause other medical issues. Critters that sting or bite are known for sending people to the hospital. Pest control in Virginia Beach is the only way to keep these threats at bay.

Generally, ladybugs are perceived as harmless. Their small size and beautiful colors lead many people to drop their guard. Several cultures consider them a sign of good luck. In reality, ladybug nests can bring problems. Find out more about this and how you can manage the insects with Go-Forth Pest Control- a quality ladybug exterminator in the area.

lady bug on leaf

Are Lady Bugs Dangerous?

By and large, ladybugs will not put your well-being on the line. However, there are exceptions. Asthmatic and allergic reactions are associated with the Asian lady beetle subtype. These insects are orange or red. Overall, ladybug bites are painful but not dangerous. 

Another issue is that their invasions are inconvenient and difficult to overcome. When they venture indoors, they tend to take over. Interior spaces give them cool refuge from warmer temperatures. Groups of ladybugs are significant in numbers, and they'll slip past cracks and crevices. You'll see them on ceilings, walls, and exiting foundation voids. Their yellow secretions stain surfaces.

In the yard, ladybugs gather around the organic matter, like leaves, rocks, and landscape timbers. Some species eagerly eat up plants. They release a chemical pheromone, so they'll be able to return to your place easily. If your residence or business is painted with light and dark colors, ladybugs will be attracted to it. Sun exposure and being surrounded by vegetation are also vulnerabilities. 

When identifying them, remember that ladybugs are globular and 0.03 to 0.37 of an inch long. They have two antennas and six legs. Shade-wise, they're red, black, yellow, orange, and brown. Their body markings vary in pattern and shape, but many have dots.

Can Lady Bugs Be Beneficial To Humans?

As frustrating as it is to have ladybugs in the house or near your establishment, they present some benefits. They target other pests that are known to ruin crops and gardens:

  • Scale insects
  • Mites
  • Aphids
  • Mealybugs

A ladybug's consumption of other critters contributes to the ecosystem, too.

What Eats Ladybugs? The Ladybug's Natural Predators

The animal and insect food chain is part of how the environment remains balanced. What ingests others will be swallowed by something else. Ladybugs are preyed upon by birds, dragonflies, frogs, spiders, and wasps. With that in mind, ladybugs could lure unwanted creepy crawlers to your property. 

Professional Pest Control For Virginia Beach Properties

Commercial ladybug repellents and similar products are not substitutes for independent preventative actions and professional care. Shelf goods don't have the power to stop an infestation. Still, their chemicals could be hazardous to humans, domestic animals, and greenery. Not to mention, the items are typically costly. Perform these tasks for deterrence:

  • Put sweeps on exterior doors. 
  • Verify that door and window screens are intact. 
  • Seal holes in chimneys, foundations, siding, and utilities.
  • Repair moisture fractures. 
  • Place plants at least two feet away from the property.
  • Keep grass and greenery trimmed.
  • Clean your gutters often. 
  • Look over bags, packages, and plants before carrying them indoors.

For expert service and insight for ladybugs, rely on us at Go-Forth Pest Control. Our technicians are highly trained. We have interior and exterior treatments approved by the Environmental Protection Agency. You can choose from multiple affordable plans. Same-day service is available. Call today for a free quote!

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