Praying Mantis Attacks Giants Outfielder

August 24, 2015

The Praying Mantis got its name from the way its front legs are held up as if the insect was praying. They are carnivorous insects that live for about one year. The Praying Mantis can turn its head 180 degrees in either direction and can see movement up to 60ft away!

Giants Fan Gets A Special Ride

Apparently a big Giants fan, a praying mantis accosted Juan Perez and Ehire Adrianza before the Thursday night game. The praying mantis even got to ride on the top of Perez’s hat for a time! This little guy was most likely hanging out looking for it’s next meal but instead found fame. So rattled by the invader the Giants went on to lose all four games in the set against the Pirates.

Read more about it here: Learn more about the praying mantis at :

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