Raleigh, NC Homeowner's Handy Guide To Termite Prevention

July 15, 2021

You may not see any pests around your Raleigh home, but a few could still be lurking. Several insects and creatures can violate your place and breed without being obvious. A damaged dwelling or personal item may be the only visible hint you have. Termites, for example, notoriously conceal themselves in the soil and behind foundations. Meanwhile, they will be eating away at the wood.

Each year, termites cost Americans a total of $5 billion. This amount goes toward deterrence and/or recovery. Unfortunately, insurance companies don’t have coverage for these kinds of disasters. Given this, it’s wise to learn what you can about successfully preventing these bugs. Further, find out how Go-Forth Pest Control can intervene. 

a termite crawling on chewed wood

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