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July 24, 2020

All animals play a vital role in our ecosystem. But some of these creatures can be a nuisance if in the wrong place, hence being a pest. Rodents as one of them, roam around the streets and infiltrate the homes and businesses of many individuals to ruin, damage, or cut things apart. What is your initial reaction when you see a rodent? Do you frantic and jump? Well, if you get to know them a little better, you might be confident when dealing with them the next time.

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What Are Rodents?

Rodents belong to the large group of mammals, known for their large incisors at the front. Their species occupy a significant amount in the entire kingdom of mammals comprising up to 44% of the totality. Thus, rodents are almost everywhere, hiding and running for survival each day. Also, there are approximately 1,500 different types of rodents, and the widely seen among them are rats and mice.

Many make the mistake of believing that rats and mice are the same. However, these two species are different in so many ways. If you understand their distinctions, it makes it easier for you to know how to eliminate them. So, let's differentiate a rat and the mouse.

Rats have thicker bodies. Unlike mice, their tails are hairless and are shorter than the length of their body and head combined. These creatures have small and hairy ears with a blunt nose. Mice, on the other hand, have long, thin tails which are covered with hair. They have larger years compared to mats however their bodies are much smaller and fragile.

When it comes to their eating habits, rats prefer cereals, grains, fruits, and vegetables. These creatures are more intelligent than mice. They don't eat at the same location regularly. They prefer to transfer from one area to another. This makes it difficult to eliminate compared to mice.

Rats have this cautious nature that allows them to smell and assess their food first before they eat. This makes them invulnerable to poison. If you're experiencing a rat infestation at home, it's best to call Winston-Salem Exterminators to eliminate them.  With their help, they can track the rats and set up more effective baits that will trick their intelligence.

Mice, on the other hand, are less cautious than rats. They don't care if they eat on the same spot over and over again. What matters to them as they can fill the empty stomachs. The best part is, these creatures are very curious. This characteristic of theirs is one of the reasons they easily get caught.

The downside to having these creatures is they are quick in reproduction. One female mouse can start to pull on infestation within months. It doesn't matter if you live in a five-star hotel, mice can enter these establishments because they are tiny. They can fit even into the smallest holes. This is why owners have Winston Salem pest control service for apartments and hotels on speed dial. Once they spot a mouse, they can easily contact exterminators to fix the problem. 


Rodents are adaptable species. They can survive in almost all types of environments known to the living creatures. So, you can see them in the forest, desert, canals, drainage, and inside the walls and wardrobe in your house. Indeed the versatility of these creatures is exceptional. However, rodents may live in any place except for Antarctica and the oceans.

Characteristics Of Rodents

The attributes of rodents can easily be distinguished. To mention a few are its recognizable physical traits, its high intelligence, and its outrageous behavior.

Physical Traits

The incisors teeth may come first to picture when hearing the word rodents, but there is more to their physical traits than that. Generally, rodents have a firm compacted body with tiny legs. That is also true for rats and mice, plus, they also have an edged head, spiny fur, brown color, and 5 inches long body for the rats and a little lesser for the mice. 


Many people acknowledge the evident intelligence rodents display, particularly that of rats. Some people even consider them as a pet which is convenient because they are trainable. Also, they have a higher sense of communication through touch, smell, and sound. Some research shows that rats and mice can distinguish their names or how humans labeled them. Besides, they have ‘episodic memory’ wherein they find recalling things easy, such as navigating the route they’ve taken. 


Rodents, in general, are agile and swift. Catching and shooing them out of your house would often be challenging. Chasing, running, biting, and stealing is common for them, although they’re unaware that they’re stealing. These species display aggressive behavior and sometimes show dominance, even in your house. 

What Harm Do They Bring?

If you hear the common phrase small but terrible, a rodent should pop in your mind. Why? It's because these creatures are not only aggressive but are also harmful. Rodents bring diseases and viruses that can infect humans. A famous example is the Hantavirus. When a person gets in contact with a rodent’s saliva, urine, or feces, that individual can acquire the disease. Some of the symptoms of Hantavirus include high fever, fatigue, muscle pain, joint pain, dizziness, and abdominal problems. Without treatment, it can lead to complications or worse, death.

Other than Hantavirus, rodents also cause Leptospirosis—a disease that has fatal effects once contracted. This is caused by the bacteria from the genus Leptospira. It can be contracted through ingesting contaminated food and water. Other times, people get the disease if the bacteria seeps into an open wound.

Then, there is Rat Bite Fever (RBF). An individual can acquire this through a simple scratch from a rodent or perhaps even a bite. The symptoms of this illness include but are not limited to fever, headache, rashes, joint pain, and swelling.

Rats are also responsible for the infamous bubonic plague. You've heard of this. This disease is responsible for wiping out almost one-third European population. Now, it seems like it is reemerging. This is the reason why we have to take extra precautions to prevent any pests from causing diseases.

However, it doesn’t stop there. Aside from serious diseases, one can get, rodents also cause damages. From gnawing on the wires in your home to messing with your vehicular engines, they also make your surroundings smelly and messy. That’s how harmful they are! So, take precautions to unwelcome them from your home.

What Attracts Them To Your Home?

Rodents need food. A big open house with a strong scent of delectable treats might appear as an invitation for rodents. Also, rodents need shelter. Especially during winter, these creatures are set to find a home where there is warmth, security, and an abundance of food.

Mice can easily enter our houses because of their size. Not only can they pass through holes but they also utilize open windows and doors. You shouldn't discount rats because of their size. These creatures are intelligent. Seeing how big their teeth are, it's apparent that they can make holes big enough so they can fit.

Once they're inside your house, they will look for the most secure place where no human beings or animals reach. This includes your attic and basements. So, if you want to repel rodents, clean these areas regularly, and remove clutter. This will make your house unattractive to these pests.

How To Get Rid Of Them?

There are several steps you can take for your rodent issues. Preventing them from coming to your home by eliminating any possible attraction is way easier than getting rid of them. But if you feel and see that you have tiny housemates living with you already, follow these three simple steps to get rid of rodents.

1. Put an end to their security. It simply means to cover or patch any opening that can lead them inside your house. As much as possible, conduct a monthly checkup of the perimeter of your house. This way, you can detect broken shingles, crevices, and cracks where pests can enter. If you cannot sell these on your own, contact a local carpenter to do this for you. 

2. Trap them. There are various ways to catch a rat and mouse. For mice, you can easily eliminate them using glue boards. However, this does not apply to rats since they are more intelligent and more cautious. However, keep on improvising, set aside some food with poison, or buy more specialized traps in the market. 

3. Lastly, if neither of the two succeeded, hire professionals. There are rodent exterminators available to call. These individuals catch rodents for a living. If you are in North Carolina, one of the most reliable pest control services is Go-Forth Pest Control. We offers premium quality services at an affordable price. With our help, you can put an end to your pest problems and live a healthy life with your family.

After considering all the information about rodents, would you still frantic and jump? Maybe a little, but after getting to know these vile creatures, you can guarantee that you can, and you should get rid of them!    

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