Should I Cover My Clothes If I Use A Bug Bomb?

April 20, 2020

Eliminating pests today is never a problem because the pest control industry is adapting different techniques that can help in resolving pest issues found in properties like houses and buildings. Vermin are becoming out of hand because they can resist pesticides and can even find other means of escaping so that they will not receive the treatments applied for them.

Pest infestations will always be a painful experience for owners because it doesn’t only happen once, but it can happen several times if the house is not treated properly. Pests will come and go but most of the time, they decide to stay especially if they find your home too attractive. If your home has too many food sources, entry points, moisture, water leaks, nesting places, and hiding areas, vermin will never leave your house and may even stay for years!

With the developments today, there are different methods of exterminating pests and one of which is by using a bug bomb. Some people may be familiar with bug bombs while others it is called. Bug bombs or foggers are being used for pest control due to its effectiveness in killing pests found in surfaces. However, using a bug bomb can bring some effects not only to humans but to belongings like clothes.

You don’t want to lose the beauty of your clothes especially if you have invested a lot in it. If you decide to use a bug bomb, you also would like to know if you have to cover your clothes or not.

Find out here now.

Covering Clothes When Using A Bug Bomb: Is It Necessary?

Your clothes may be material things but they still are your investment since you have spent money on it. When pests are around, it is typical to do pest control whether you do it or let professionals handle them because it is the quickest way of getting rid of pests. Bug bombs are helpful nowadays because of its great effects on pests however; you should know that when using a bug bomb, you have to do things that will protect your belongings like clothes. You should always cover your clothes before applying for a bug bomb. You don’t want to expose your clothes to chemicals or pesticides used in the bug bomb.

Your clothes should be covered tightly if you want it to be chemical-free after the pest treatment. Never let your clothing be exposed to a bug bomb because the chemicals can permeate into it and if you have accidentally worn it, pesticides can be transferred to your skin. With this, you may experience more alarming health risks. Make sure that before using a fogger, all clothes are covered and never apply the bug bomb inside closets, drawers, or cabinets where you hide your things because it will be easier for your clothes to be contaminated.

When you use a bug bomb, of course, you have to wear clothes to protect your body from any harmful chemicals. If you don’t want to put your used clothes for applying bug bombs to waste, make sure that after the treatment, you take off the clothes quickly and store it in a zip bag that will prevent fumes from coming out. This is a way of protecting yourself from possible transfers of chemicals to your body even though you are not sure if your worn clothes have pesticides or not. Also, take a bath immediately to wash your body so that chemicals will be out from your body.

On the other hand, if you are done applying the bug bomb yet your clothes have been fogged, make sure to wash all of it first thoroughly before you wear them so that you will not experience any problems like burns on the skin, dizziness, headaches, and more. If you experience these symptoms, better go to a doctor immediately for treatments.

For some, clothes are things that can be bought anytime however, not everyone has the luxury to purchase clothes at all times. If your home is suffering from pest infestations and you would like to use a bug bomb, you must cover your clothes to keep it away from contamination because chemicals in bug bombs are dangerous. 

Other Things To Cover When Using A Bug Bomb

Aside from your clothes, there are other things that you need to cover when you use a bug bomb because you will not only be applying it in one area but in the entire house.

Here are the things you also have to cover when using a bug bomb:

Utensils, Drawers, & Foods In The Kitchen

If your kitchen will be applied with a bug bomb, make sure to cover utensils, drawers, and foods to avoid contamination. There are instances wherein chemicals can hold onto things even pots, spoons, and forks found in your kitchen area. To avoid this from happening, you have to cover utensils and foods properly. You can use cloth towels, newspapers, or plastics as a protective cover. Sometimes, not all drawers are applied with the bug bomb so open only the ones that should be treated and seal the gaps of the drawers or cabinets that will not be treated with the bug bomb to avoid it from enclosing chemicals.  But, if you don’t want to cover it, you can remove it before you start the bug bomb.  

Belongings Found In Bedrooms & Living Area

Since a bug bomb will not only be used in one place, your belongings inside bedrooms and living rooms should be covered as well. From toys down to toiletries, everything should be covered to keep it safe from chemical contamination. You can use a tarp, plastics, throwaway sheets, and newspapers as covers. Even the floors should be covered. Carpets and furniture should be removed or covered to avoid the chemicals from ruining it. If you have potted plants inside, you can also cover them but it is better to bring them out of the house first so that your plants will not be affected by the fumes of the bug bomb.   


If you think that it is okay to leave your appliances uncovered, you got it wrong because the harmful chemicals can be the reason for your appliances to be broken or might be the cause of future accidents. Your heating vents, air conditioners, fans, and more should be turned off and covered with plastic. Even the appliances that are plugged like refrigerators should be unplugged to keep it protected. If you have gas appliances, don’t forget to cover it and even turn it off for safety purposes.

These are the other things you need to cover when you are using a bug bomb. However, you should not only think about the things inside your home like clothes and utensils, but you need to protect your family and pets as well. Before your use, a bug bomb, better bring your family and pets outside first because it is more dangerous for humans to inhale and be exposed to chemicals brought by the bug bomb. Also, before you apply the treatment, you have to know the proper amount of the bug bomb to use because too much of it is not good. If you think that using more is better, you got it wrong. After you have set up the bug bomb, immediately leave the area and close all doors and windows so that fumes will not go out of your property.

When you use bug bombs, you need to be extra careful because even though you can do it on your own by following instructions, one wrong move can lead to lots of problems. Make sure to cover your clothes, belongings, utensils, and more before you let the smoke out.

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