Should You Vacuum After A Flea Bomb? (Greensboro Exterminators)

May 15, 2020

Our dogs and cats mean everything to us. They can be rowdy and stubborn but we love them anyway because they give us the love and support we need. It is for this reason that we need to reciprocate what they provide for us. As responsible pet owners, we need to ensure their necessities such as nutritious foods and stable shelter. That's not all. You also need to provide security from pests such as fleas and ticks.

People regard the existence of these pests as normal. Little do they know the harmful effects they bring to our fur babies. For one, ticks and fleas cause rashes, skin allergies, sometimes acute dermatitis. This is due to the incessant scratching and chewing on their skin. In no time, they start to lose hair. Because of the extreme discomfort, they lose appetite, sleep, and energy.

Did you know that fleas can cause tapeworms? These creatures are the common hosts of worms that affect the guts and intestines of humans and animals. If our pets accidentally ingest an infected flea, the worm instantly implants itself into the linings of the stomach, which will soon affect their digestive tract.

Ticks and fleas also weaken the immune system of animals. This makes them susceptible to common illnesses such as parvovirus, kennel cough, and many more. Experts also found that pest infestations can cause anemia. Though this is a rare occurrence, it is not impossible especially to smaller breeds.  Anemia usually happens if the amount of blood consumed by pests is greater than what is produced by their bone marrow. If symptoms persist and not treated immediately, it could lead to complications, sometimes even death.

Seeing how harmful these pests are, we need to eliminate them.  Here are some of the DIY tips to eliminate ticks and fleas from your home:

Use Essential Oils

Essential oils are famous for the relaxing effects they offer to human beings. To pests, however, they are irritants. Essential oils such as tea tree, neem, lavender, and geranium are harmful to ticks and fleas. These are the number one components of flea shampoos. You can create your repellent by combining essential oils with water and store it in a spray bottle. Apply it on infested areas such as your carpets, pet bedding, toys, including your furniture. You can also use it on your pet's fur for protection against other pests when they play outdoors.

However, you first need to check if your pet experiences allergic reactions to the solution. Spray a slight amount of essential oil to their skin and wait for 24 hours to see if they experience adverse effects. If none, you can spray it to their fur regularly for pest prevention.

Diatomaceous Earth

This is another cost-effective method to eliminate pests on fur. These are fine, white particles from diatoms. It is toxic to insects. Use this to treat infested bedding, toys, and carpets. In fact, you can even use this directly to their fur. Just purchase the food-grade Diatomaceous Earth to be safe for skin contact.

Not only does this work on fleas and ticks, but it is also effective against cockroaches, beetles, slugs, silverfish, and many more. With the help of this powder, you have the all-in-one package and you're all kinds of pests.

Use Spot-On Treatments

Spot-on treatments are substances applied to the skin of animals, particularly on their nape, neck, and armpits. After the application, wait for about one day for the substance to work. This kills and eliminates every pest present on the skin or coat of your pet. Visit your nearest veterinarian so he can prescribe effective spot-on treatments. This also ensures that your pet is not allergic to any ingredient.

Flea Powder

This is another simple way to protect your pets from flea infestations. In choosing a flea powder, make sure your pet is not allergic to its particles. Go to the vet and have their skin tested to prevent allergic reactions.

Baking Soda

If you're struggling to eliminate ticks and fleas, one of the most effective home remedies is baking soda. You can add this to their water bath to suffocate the pests and kill them effectively. You can also sprinkle the powder on pest-infested areas such as carpets, mats, and pet bedding. Spread it thinly using a broom or a piece of clothing. Vacuum it after 1 to 2 days and replace it with another batch of powder.


Who would have known that you can eliminate ticks and fleas using salt?  This works as effectively as the Diatomaceous Earth powder. Once fleas and ticks get in contact with salt, it damages their exoskeleton, dehydrating them from the outside in. Sprinkle salt around infested areas and spread it thinly.  This way, you can hamper the reproductive activities of pests. It also helps kill eggs and larvae.

Dish Soap Trap

To save more time and money, you can create your trap using dish soap and water.  Mix dish soap and water, then put it in a bowl. This works best at night when there is no light. Before you go to bed, place the solution strategically where fleas are rampant. Use a flashlight and focus it on the bowl. Make sure there are no other lights that can attract them. Leave this trap and check it in the morning. Get rid of fleas today using this method. Change the bowl every night to attract more fleas into the trap.

Flea Repelling Plants

Who would have thought to have indoor plants work best in eliminating pests such as fleas, cockroaches, and mice? You can plant lavender, mint, pennyroyal, chrysanthemums, and spearmint inside your home. Place them strategically where pest activity is at its peak.

Use A Flea Bomb 

Flea bombs are one of the most effective ways to eliminate fleas. These insecticides are designed to release chemicals into the room and kill existing pests. If you want to try it, here is a short guide to help you through. 

Choose A Reliable Flea Bomb

Before buying a flea bomb, you need to calculate the exact square footage of the area you will be treating. This will indicate the size of the flea bomb. Purchase reliable insecticides from trusted sellers. See if they have the credentials and licenses to sell these products. If not, the bomb could be flawed and dysfunctional. It will cause more harm than good when you use it at home.

Do not settle on a certain brand just because it is cheap. Before you buy your products, research the most reliable manufactures and focus on finding them. These might be more costly, but it guarantees safety and reliability. 

Read & Understand Instructions

Once you have chosen a flea bomb, don't neglect reading the instructions from the manufacturer.  Each brand has its usage. So, make sure that the instructions you follow are from the manufacturer itself. If there are processes unclear to you, don't hesitate to call a professional or contact the company itself to clarify. 

From The Administration Of Pesticides Properly

As we have discussed, flea bombs are designed to be left alone as it secretes chemicals to kill pests.  Schedule its application when there is nobody in the house. Secure your children and your pets. If possible, let them stay with a friend or family member until the process is finished.

Before administering the flea bombs, you need to prepare. For example, secure your utensils, cookery, and food including your mattresses and clothing. This prevents the residue from settling in these areas.  Follow the preparation guide from the manufacturer. Better yet, contact the local Greensboro exterminators to assist you. 

Administer The Bomb

Position the insecticides and newspapers or plastic bags in the middle of the room. This prevents the flea bomb from causing stains on your floors. If you are targeting multiple rooms, make sure they're all in place before activating any bomb. Ask for help so you can simultaneously activate the flea bombs and to vacate the house.   Come back after two to four hours to prepare your home for your children and pets. It is ideal to conduct general cleaning after the pest management procedure. Vacuum the floors to eliminate any residue. This also helps eradicate flea eggs and larvae. Wipe your compartments, tables, chairs, doors, and windows. Anything that your children and pet can access. This keeps them from contracting any disease or allergic reaction from the insecticide. 

If you're unsure about using insecticides, it's best to call a professional like the experts from Go-Forth Pest Control.  This company offers safe and effective methods for pest extermination. With their expertise, you can rest assured that you and your family are safe from the fumes of insecticides. All you need to do is relax and wait for the signal from the professionals if it's safe to come back. Follow their instructions for a safer and more effective administration of pest control methods.   

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