Signs Of A Flea Infestation In High Point, NC

December 20, 2017

Fleas are wingless blood-sucking pests that are picked up from the environment by pets. Fleas require blood meals to propagate, and they ensure that there are suitable nearby hosts before they propagate. Flea control involves processes that eliminate the active and inactive forms of fleas. Fleas feed the blood of mammals and birds. Cats, dogs, and humans are suitable hosts for fleas. Read on and learn more about the signs of a flea infestation in High Point, NC.

Flea Detection & Eradication

The presence of fleas in a home is an unpleasant observation. Early detection of a flea infestation is essential for proper and eradication. Thankfully, fleas are big enough to be seen with the naked eyes. They are also reddish-brown. Although fleas can be seen by the naked eyes, they do not have wings and mostly stay attached to a suitable host. They also attach to materials such as rugs and stay in suitable hiding places until a suitable host passes by. Flea removal companies employ physical, chemical, and biological methods of controlling fleas in ensuring total eradication.

When fleas take blood meals, the host is irritated. Continuous scratching by pets is a sign of flea infestation which could be investigated further. On inspection of the fur of pets, adult fleas will be found. It is important to investigate persistent scratching further as it could be a result of other factors. It is also important to get an experienced flea exterminators involved in the process of determining the level of infestation. Fleas usually target the head of the neck of cats; they also target the hindquarters of dogs. Flea removal companies usually recommend treatment of pets as part of flea control processes.

Apart from persistent scratching by pets, marks from flea bites are also indicators of flea infestations. Fleas mostly take blood meals from the lower leg of humans. Reddish spots on the lower leg and fleets which are surrounded by red halos are mostly likely from fleas. These spots occur immediately after flea bites and may result in swelling around the area. Other symptoms of fleabites include hives and rash. At this point, the infestation may not be large enough to give more visible signs. It is thus important to seek the help of a flea removal company to detect and eradicate the fleas.

Even if you do not notice the scratching and biting of your pet as a result of the discomfort associated with a flea infestation, you would notice the allergic reaction from the continuous feeding of the fleas. The saliva of fleas results in an allergic reaction that is manifested in swelling and redness. Flea-allergy dermatitis on pets is one of the more noticeable signs of flea infestation. Unfortunately, it takes continuous feeding for this reaction to occur.

Fleas cause discomfort and result in allergic reactions. These pests also spread diseases such as plague. Their bodily features also enhance their adaptability: slender bodies for jumping from one host to another and a hard exoskeleton which enables fleas to survive undetected in upholstery. The services of flea exterminators ensure that the active and inactive forms of fleas are destroyed. Flea removal companies also implement environmental control measures to ensure that pets do not pick up more fleas.

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