Signs Of Pest Infestation At Home

January 18, 2019

Has damaged wiring or furniture? Noticed gnaw marks or holes in your walls? Is your kitchen starting to emit a musky odor? Your home might be suffering from pest infestation!

It is important to know these and more warning signs of pests before they find you. Otherwise, you'll be dealing with costly pest extermination later. Below are some of the common home pest infestations you should look for.  

Weird Sounds/Noise

This is especially for mice and rats as they love hiding behind walls or under floorboards. You could frequently hear wall scratches, squeaks, or gnaws.

Foul Smells

Almost all pests emit an odor that is very unpleasant to the nose. The food they carry in a secluded area is left and starts to rot.

Grimy Buildup

Some pests (e.g. spiders, rodents, and bugs) prefer enclosed, humid, dark places such as the attic and basement and start making a mess. Look in corners, under furniture, and along the wall edges.


This is another visible sign of household pest infestation. Check your home for urine trails or fecal droppings. While the waste from mice or rat is easy to determine, the waste from bed bugs and other smaller pests could be difficult to notice.

Small Openings Or Holes

Another possible pest infestation is small openings or holes either around or in your property, or either on the floors and walls.


Mice and rats make nests out of anything they found. Use a flashlight searching all the nooks and crannies, which include inside cabinets.

Grease Tracks & Marks

These can signal that your home is already infested by a rodent. This is because rats and mice tend to travel the same route, which then leaves tell-tale greasy marks and trails.

Damaged Or Chewed Household Items

Mice also love gnawing property items, such as a chair leg or cabinet. Rodents could take place as well because they chew at almost anything they want.

Wire Damage

Aside from furniture and other home items, your insulation, pipes, wires, plastics, and others, are also not safe. Check around other pieces of your home furniture.

Ant Lines

Ant lines tend to be seen on your doorway, window, or even home units (e.g. air-conditioning system).

Bite Marks

If you notice a small, a bit swelling circle on your skin, mosquitoes have probably invaded your home. The bite of insects can leave you marks and worse, spread disease.

A Pile Of Sawdust

Found seamlessly round holes in a certain wooden object? This could mean a carpenter bee infestation!

Small Dried Blood Dpots

These are the hallmark sign of bedbugs. You can usually see the evidence in your linen.  

Need Help Identifying A Type Of Pest In Your Home?

Many reliable pest control companies, such as Go-Forth Pest Control, can surely help you along the way. Each exterminator has acquired essential skills and experience to tackle any pest infestation both in residential and commercial properties. If you're uncertain how to get started, it is better to call the experts now!  

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