Spider Control Company Near Wilmington, NC

January 29, 2019

If you are looking for a spider control company near or around Wilmington, then we at Go-Forth Pest Control Company can help you get rid not only of spiders, but also of other pests like termites, ants, bed bugs, moths, and weevils. Our Wilmington, NC exterminators also cover areas near Ogden, Wrightsboro, Murrayville, Kirkland, Navassa, Silver Lake, and Myrtle Grove.

About Wilmington

Wilmington is a port city with a population of around 120,000 residents. It is the county seat of the New Hanover County in coastal south eastern North Carolina and the eighth most populous city in the state. The city was named after Spencer Compton, the Earl of Wilmington.

Wilmington has been teeming with tourists, as there are many activities and places to see around the city. There, you can explore the city’s National Register Historic District. It spans at least 230 blocks of churches, classic architecture, brick-lined streets and antebellum stores. You can enjoy live entertainment and museum exhibitions. You can visit the Riverwalk, then go to the World War II battleship North Carolina which is one of the Best North Carolina attractions according to USA Today.

One of the problems among its residents is pest control, in particular spider infestation.

Types Of Spiders

The Black Widow Spider

In Lexington, black widow spiders are common, and are known to be venomous. It is actually reported that a black widow’s venom is 15 times stronger than that of a rattlesnake’s. Fortunately, their bites are not usually fatal. That being said, they still can cause harm to humans.

The Brown Recluse Spider

The brown recluse spider is the only other poisonous spider that is found in the United States. Like the black widow’s, the brown recluse’s bite is painful but rarely is it fatal. It tends to keep to itself, but when disturbed it can be harmful. If bitten, place an ice pack on the bitten area and seek prompt medical care. If the spider can be captured, do so and put it in a container. The spider should be brought to the hospital along with the patient.

Spider Control In Wilmington

Not all families welcome the sight of spiders in their own homes. If these creepy crawling creatures bother you, and you would need professional assistance, then let Go-Forth Pest Control deal with your spider problems. Go-Forth has highly trained professionals who are eager to do the job. You can expect no less than high quality service from Go-Forth.

Call Only The Best

If you are living within the Wilmington area, then your problem is as good as solved.  All you have to do is pick up the phone and call the best there is: Go-Forth Pest Control Company. These guys offer spider treatment and prevention services for any types of spiders that are common in Wilmington.  As they say, “no bugs, no problem.”

Just dial 910-208-0218 to set an appointment. Our friendly operators are standing by.

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