The Best Way To Get Rid Of A Flea Problem In Richmond

October 21, 2022

Have you ever dealt with fleas? If you grew up with furry friends like cats and dogs, chances are you have encountered these parasitic pests once or twice. Assuming you are here today because of an active flea infestation inside your Richmond home, here is the best way to get rid of these pests. For information about professional pest control in Richmond, check out our residential service page. It highlights our methods and will help you decide if professional care is right for you. Keep reading to learn more about fleas and DIY methods to avoid these pests.

flea crawling in white hair

Is This A Flea?

If your home had a flea infestation, you would know, right? Sadly, these pests often go unnoticed. The most evident signs of a problem include pets excessively itching themselves, bite marks on your skin, and live fleas. Now, spotting a flea is where things get complicated. This tiny insect likes to hide inside pet fur and fur-like items like coats, furniture, and rugs. Identify a flea by its dark reddish-brown, 1/12 to 1/6 inch long body. If you are looking for this pest inside your pet’s fur, keep an eye out for flea dirt. Flea dirt appears as tiny reddish-black specs and consists of animal or human blood and flea feces. Call our team for a thorough pest inspection if you see signs of fleas but not fleas themselves.

Fleas In Richmond Can Be Dangerous

Fleas are not just annoying. They are also incredibly dangerous. These tiny insects have a habit of picking up and spreading harmful diseases to humans and animals. If you have fleas inside your home, you are at risk of contracting a disease. Some diseases these pests spread include bubonic plague, murine typhus, tungiasis, and tularemia. Your furry friends might also get sick from flea bites. Tapeworm is just one of many problems that fleas spread to cats and dogs. The best way to avoid these dangers is to put in place some form of flea prevention. 

Six Ways To Keep The Fleas Away

Let’s assume you don’t want fleas inside your home. What is the best method to keep these pests away? We recommend utilizing some basic flea prevention strategies. Here are six prevention tips you need to start today.

  1. Make sure your home’s exterior foundation is sealed correctly by filling in gaps, cracks, and holes.
  2. Repair damage to windows and doors and seal them using weatherstripping, door sweeps, and screens.
  3. Install a fence around your yard and garden to deter flea-carrying wildlife.
  4. Limit how much time your pets spend outdoors or invest in a high-quality flea/tick collar.
  5. Bathe your pets regularly and check them for fleas frequently.
  6. Reduce moisture problems in and around your home.

Although these prevention tips may be helpful, professional pest control is the best option to prevent fleas in Richmond.

How To Get Fleas Out Of Your Home For Good

You need two things to keep fleas out of your home effectively: protection for your pets and a long-term pest control plan. We can provide the pest control plan here at Go-Forth Pest Control. We train our team to deal with annoying and potentially dangerous insects like fleas. We will look over your property, help you identify your risk of infestation, and offer some helpful strategies to remove and prevent fleas.

Contact us to get a free quote or to find a treatment time that works for you and your Richmond home and property. Trust us, and pest problems will become an afterthought. 

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