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May 26, 2020

Do you ever wonder why you see ant trails in your home? Maybe your home has a lot of food sources, moisture, and a good ambiance that makes them feel at home. Whatever the reason is, when you have ants, you have to get rid of them. Of course, if you want to save your property from ant infestations, removing them is a good choice.

Ants are little creatures that turn into pests. They invade homes to forage for food. They even build nests or colonies outside of properties. This will be easier for them to come inside whenever they need food and water. But the worst thing that ants can do is make nests inside your home. Why is that? It is the time that they can damage your home.

When you have ants, the best thing you can do is to find a pest control company that is an expert in dealing with pests such as ants. The person that you can count on when you have ants at home is called an ant exterminator and you can find them near you. An ant exterminator helps in treating pests found in and out of your home. He is also responsible for finding the cause of the problem and provides the best treatment plans that work effectively.

Due to massive ant infestations happening, it is hard to know which ant species is infesting your home as there are thousands of known species of them. Don’t worry because we know the most common ant species that infest homes and how you can get rid of ants for good.

Common Ants Species As Pests

Carpenter Ants

Have you ever heard about carpenter ants? If you do, they are destructive as termites! It is never easy to identify carpenter ants as they come in several varieties in the United States. This species of ants love house structures as it is their target. Carpenter ants are destructive in a way that they do not eat wood, but they eat through woods so that they can create their nests. You can find them on lumber trees, but they can also be indoors. They will create nests on roofs or places where it is humid. If you have a wooden house, then you're more in trouble. Carpenter ants can infest anytime and damages will come after. If you disturb their nests, carpenter ants can bite you.

Red Imported Fire Ants

If there is a species of ant that can give painful bites, then red imported fire ants are what you are looking for. Almost everyone knows about this ant species as pests. They are mostly present in southeastern states of the US. This species of ants have reddish-brown bodies, so it is easy to identify them. Threatening their nests can lead to their aggressiveness. They can bite you and will leave painful stings. They come into properties as they forage for water and food, but they prefer to stay outside.

Odorous House Ants

There are times when you see ants and accidentally kill them. You may notice the creature emits smell. It can be a sign that you have odorous house ants at home. This species is quite common in houses so do not worry. You are not alone to face ant infestations brought by odorous house ants. The species is a nuisance as they can create colonies with several queens. They can even expand their colonies. Odorous house ants will mostly be present in landscaping. They search for food such as aphid’s honeydew which they can forage in your garden or vegetation. Odorous house ants can also be inside your house specifically in the kitchen. They are attracted to sweet foods as well. If you don’t store your sweets or goods properly, this species can invade your food. With this, you will not be able to eat it which can be wasteful.

Pavement Ants

Another species of ants you need to know that can be infesting your house are pavement ants. This species is live under rocks and can have lots of queens. Because of this, controlling them becomes difficult. This species is mining in patios, concrete slabs, basements, driveways, and more. You will see them in these areas because they can get soil and sand. Pavement ants have stingers as well. If you get close contact with the pest, they can sting you especially if they are in your legs or arms. They are interested in greasy and sweet foods so they too will be found inside your home foraging for food.

These are the common ant species your home can have as pests. If you have any of these, you should immediately call an ant exterminator in High Point, NC to help you.

Cost Of An Ant Exterminator

If you have ants at home, the best answer is to have an ant exterminator do the work. However, you have second thoughts due to the cost of hiring one. The average cost for an ant exterminator us $150. But it can vary depending on the type of ants you have, frequency of the treatment, and the size of the area that needs treatment. You can even pay as low as $80 or can be as high as $500. If you want a single treatment, then the price can be high but if you need multiple treatments, the cost can also be different.

If you decide to have a contract, then the cost can be between $400 to $1,400 yearly. Moreover, there can be additional costs too so you need to prepare but it will depend if you will avail of the services that your ant exterminator offers. You have to pay for additional charges if you want the cracks, holes, and gaps to be sealed to prevent ants from coming. The additional cost can range from $to $90 but it can change depending on the company or ant exterminator you hired. 

Why Pest Control Is Needed

When you have ants or other pests, pest control is what you need, and you should never skip it. Do not allow pests to infest your home because you might lose your investment.

Here are the reasons why pest control is needed:

  • Reduce health risks – ants can bring health risks as well. Like roaches and rodents, ants can cause food contamination and even bring allergens or pathogens that can trigger illnesses as they crawl over anything. It is best to store your food properly to avoid ants from contaminating your food.

  • Prevent damage on properties – there are species of ants that can cause structural damage so if you let these pests do their activities, your property will suffer more, and you have to shoulder the expenses. Carpenter ants are destructive, and they will get into your structure to create nests. They will not eat wood but will ruin your house for them to have a home. Make sure that you get rid of things that can be ruined by ants. 

  • Have peace of mind – when you do pest control for your home, you will never be stressed because the stressors are removed (which are ants). Pest control eliminates all types of ants to make your home pest-free. An ant exterminator will kill living and hiding ants including the ones in the colonies. Also, he will get rid of the queen ant so that the colony will die on its own as its leader is gone. With this, living ants will move to another place to make a nest or colony.

Pest control is vital when you have ants because the pest is never easy to eliminate. Ants will always be pesky and if you do not get rid of them, they will keep on infesting your home until they have invaded the entire place. To get rid of ants and other pests, pest control is what you need, and Go-Forth Pest Control can do it for you. 

Pest Control Company In NC Since 1959

Go-Forth Pest Control is a pest control company that offers pest control services to all residents of North Carolina. They have been eliminating pests for more than 50 years and have been providing the best results since then.

The company is a local ant exterminator with hundreds of good reviews, and this is because they have exceptional, quality, yet inexpensive pest control that guarantees total elimination of pests in and out of your property. The services you need are delivered by their highly trained, expert, professional, and licensed pest exterminators who are well-rounded in doing vermin extermination.

If you are worried about the health of your family and pets, Go-Forth Pest Control assures that human and pet-friendly treatments are applied to make sure nobody will be harmed. The company ensures that your safety will always be their priority so they see to it that no harmful chemicals will be used.

When pests keep on infesting your property, immediately make a move by calling Go-Forth Pest Control! Talk with their professionals through 1-800-841-6113 and they guarantee to give you the best pest control in NC! 

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