Which Pest Control Is Best For Cockroaches? (Cary Exterminator)

April 9, 2020

Cockroaches are one of the most common pests at home. They bring so much trouble especially when their population gets too big. They are usually more active at night. Thus, when evening comes, most of them will leave their hiding areas to search for food. They can eat any human food, including other things like glue, soap, toothpaste, and excrement.

Roaches contaminate kitchen utensils, and other household materials, leaving your place with a nasty smell. As if it ends there, these pests are not only a major eyesore, but also spread harmful bacteria. That's why it's vital to get rid of them.

Illnesses From Roaches

There are many things you should know about cockroaches as it can affect the health of your family. Did you know that roaches bring E. Coli Infections? This bacteria is found in the stomach of human beings. Most strains of the bacteria are harmless to the human body. However, if the strand of E. Coli came from roaches, it is harmful to human beings. The symptoms of this illness include but are not limited to stomach ache, diarrhea, headache, vomiting, and muscle pains.

Another common illness from the bacteria spread by cockroaches is Cholera. This is common among areas with poor environmental management. A person acquires cholera when he or she ingests food and beverage that are contaminated with the bacterium.  If a cockroach, by chance, harbors the bacteria, it immediately spreads it to places it goes. Considering its speed of 3 miles per hour, you can’t imagine the extent of danger it causes the family.

According to the World Health Organization or WHO, over 1.4 million to 4.3 million people get infected with the bacterium. From this number, it causes about 28 thousand to 14 thousand deaths every year. If you don’t want to put your family’s life at risk, you wouldn’t want roaches to be roaming inside your house.

When you see roaches infesting your household, there are two possible reasons. The first one is lack of sanitation. Cockroaches are attracted to dirty and unorganized places. If you do not apply effective housekeeping skills, your home will be an attractant to other pests aside from cockroaches. This includes mice, ants, rats, and many more.

The second factor that attracts roaches is warmth. When winter comes, cockroaches should have found a place to outlive the cold. These creatures are considered winter pests because of their inability to withstand very low temperatures. As durable as they seem, this is one of their greatest weaknesses. This is why they infest homes days before the last air of autumn comes. 

Effective Ways To Prevent Roaches

If you want to prevent or eliminate roaches in the household, here are some of the quickest and most effective ways:

Remove Food Sources

Eliminating food sources help prevent roach infestation. You must keep your home clean and sanitized. Here are some actions to ponder to secure a healthful place indoors: 

  • Keep your food in locked containers. Cockroaches are tiny enough to get inside a container that is poorly closed. It’s best to store food in a glass, metal or hard plastic containers that can be sealed tightly. 

  • Clean the appliances in your kitchen. Roaches can survive from eating fat and food spills under your kitchen appliances. So, you must clean your stove, oven, refrigerator, other appliances as well as your kitchen sink.

  • Clean cabinets. Food spills and crumbs from processed food items are an ideal source of food for cockroaches. Cleaning the cabinets and eliminating any food spills can help get rid of the roaches.

  • Restrict the intake of food to one room of the home. Eating and having all food in one area of the house will minimize food spills and crumbs. It makes it easier to focus on cleaning thoroughly one area of the house.

  • Clean the floors regularly. Cleaning non-food home areas such as walls and floors regularly is necessary to deter cockroach infestations. This can help eliminate the egg sacs that female roaches produce. This contains over 50 cockroaches. So, if you don’t eliminate it, imagine how many females are in that sac. 

  • Empty Garbage Bins or Cover Securely. Roaches are going to feast on the garbage bins if you forget to empty your bins or cover them securely. Make sure to check your bins before going to bed to prevent roaches from feasting on them.

Remove Water Sources

Eliminating water sources is another way to get rid of roaches. Cockroaches are hydrophilic. They are attracted to water and moisture in the air. If you want to get rid of them or deter them from your home, never leave home spaces wet especially the dining and kitchen area. 

  • Repair any leakage from pipes. Check the under-sink for any water source. You can also check the bathroom. This is where roaches love to dwell when they want to bask in the moisture.

  • Clear all the sinks and plug the drains before going to bed.

  • Put dish rags and sponges in a tight container overnight.

  • Do not store water without covering the container tightly.

Seal Off Entry Points

Cockroaches enter homes through small cracks and crevices on our floors and floorboards. Before winter comes you need to take action immediately. To save yourself from their infestation, you need to: 

  • Seal cracks at home.
  • Cover holes around pipes.
  • Secure your window and door frames. They must be gap-free to prevent roaches from entering. 

Eliminate Their Hiding Places

Roaches need shelter to thrive. Their usual hiding spots are those dark and narrow places. Plus, they also love clutter. This may include piles of paper and cardboard boxes. Leaving your areas messy can attract more of them. So, make sure to clean up any clutter and recycle the stack of boxes as much as possible. 

Use Roach Baits & Traps

Roach baits and also effective methods to get rid of the roaches. You can use these once you have completely sanitized your home. Baits and traps are the best choices for most homeowners to use since it's easy to apply. They are also available in the market. You may purchase them in some physical or online stores.

Roach baits and traps use several attractors to entice roaches to take the bait. Popular bait and traps typically contain a delayed action insecticide inserted in the bait that spreads through the colony through food sharing and direct ingestion. They are effective because roaches leave their waste such as feces, secretions and their bodies in the bait and trap containing the insecticide. Here are some of the most popular roach baits and traps you can buy:

  • Advion Syngenta Cockroach Gel Bait 

  • Combat 12 Month Roach Killing Bait 

  • Raid Double Control Small Roach Baits 

  • Invict Gold Cockroach Control Gel Bait 

  • Maxforce FC Magnum (a close second)

  • Black Flag Roach Motel Insect Trap

  • Harris Famous Roach Tablet

Use Chemical Sprays

If you think roach infestation in your home is getting worse, then you may opt to use chemical sprays to get rid of them. There are various insecticide sprays available in the market. Roach sprays contain a catalyzing agent that can stop the nervous system of the roaches. It affects them either through contact or ingestion that will slowly weaken their body. When you have a reliable spray and knows how to use it properly, you will rid your home of these nasty creatures. Here are the most popular chemical sprays for roaches:

  • Ortho Home Defense Insect Killer
  • Hot Shot Ant & Roach + Germ Killer
  • EcoSmart Ant & Roach Killer
  • Combat Max Ant and Roach Killer Quick Kill Foam Spray

Use Diatomaceous Earth 

This is one of the most cost-effective methods of killing cockroaches. It can destroy their exoskeletons, dehydrating them and killing them slowly. If you want to use it, sprinkle a generous amount of the powder to your floors and compartments. Spread it thinly so the roaches will pass over it. Leave it for about two days and sweep it off or vacuum it. Replace with a new set.

In buying DE, make sure you get the food-grade type of diatomaceous earth so it will be safe for contact with human beings and animals. You can see it on the label. It will say that it is safe for pest control use.

These are some of the best pest control methods you can do at home. They are easy and convenient to apply. For optimum results, apply these strategies regularly.  

Get Help From A Trusted Pest Exterminator: Go-Forth Pest Control

However, if roach infestation becomes worse, then it’s time for you to call for professional help. Some experts can help you out in eliminating all the nasty pests at home such as these roaches. In doing so, they can do the necessary methods to eliminate the problem for good. If you’re looking for Cary exterminators, you have come to the right place.

Go-Forth Pest Control is one of the well-reviewed company that can help you get rid of cockroach in Cary, NC. Not only do they provide reliable and affordable services, but they also provide fast-paced procedures to fully eliminate pests inside your house.  These experts have the habit to respond quickly to your concern. This is because they know how damaging and dangerous these pests are. If you want to fully eliminate pests with minimum time and effort, contact the local Cary NC pest control services with great reviews.

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