Who Pays For A Termite Inspection When Buying A Home

December 5, 2018

Termites can be very irritating creatures and not only that, but they are also troublesome. And it does not really take much for termites to know that humans feel that way about them. Notice how they live like they are invisible – almost like they’re non existent? Well, that’s because it’s one of the things they are definitely good at. Which is a downfall for homeowners since they do not pose much sign of their presence in a place. To tell you, just saying the words “termite” and “infestation” really makes for a good reason to cringe.

Home Ownership & Termite Inspections

These little pests have been around the earth for so long that they have acquired the ability to adapt to different types of environments. They can change their lifestyles depending on what the environment offers to them which is why it’s not surprise that even up to today, termites can and are probably living  with humans. Yes, that’s right. Apparently, these little species are most likely to dwell in your own homes. Which is why it is very important to conduct a termite inspection if you are buying a new home.

If you’re looking to purchase a new home, we strongly encourage you to have professional pest control experts inspect the place for termites or any type of infestations and we guarantee you that this will save you a lot of trouble on the latter. Also, if you plan on taking out a mortgage, there is also a high chance that the lender would require you to conduct a termite inspection before the sale is even conducted and in some cases, this will be required before lenders even consider selling a home.

The termite inspection is typically shouldered by the buyer. Now, before you go on complaining about how the seller or the previous owner should shoulder this one, you might want to take a look at some of the reasons why this might be beneficial to the part of the buyer. As a buyer, you can actually use the amount you spent for the inspection to negotiate for the price of the house you intend to buy. And of course, through this process you’ll also be able to learn if a house is prone to termite inspection as professional termite experts know how to determine past from present termite infestations.

Qualified termite inspectors like us in Go Forth Pest Control services will not only by able to link any past and present termite activity in the house you are looking to buy, but it will also guarantee and document legally the findings during the inspection which would be something that you can use in order to negotiate a deal with the broker. While in some countries, termites are considered to be a minor problem, it can still turn out to be a big issue if not aided early. So what are you waiting for? Call our team now and let us help you in making the decision to buy a new home.

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