Why Would We Not Let The Bedbugs Bite?

September 6, 2019

When it comes to being troublesome, nobody does it better than the tiny bed bugs. They are nocturnal, hard to find, and does not care about you. They feed on human blood while we sleep, making us totally defenseless, and that makes them all the more frustrating to have. And how many times have people been embarrassed at school or at work because of the unsightly bed bug bites on the skin? 

Unfortunately, bed bug infestation is more common than we think. Even 5-star hotels have them. In fact, most American homes who have bed bug problems must have gotten them from these luxurious hotels. It has been said that the modern way of life has helped spread the bugs; travel has become easier, faster, and therefore more people travel a lot. Bed bugs, on the other hand, are very good hitchhikers. They manage to get a ride through luggage, clothes, appliances, and furniture.  


Bed bugs are small, oval-shaped, reddish-brown in color parasitic insects that suck on human and animal blood for their nourishment.  Their bodies are flat, their size is from 1 mm to 7 mm in length. The adult bed bugs are the size of an apple seed. However, their tiny bodies swell and turn red after feeding. Even though they do not fly, they are very mobile because they move quickly on floors, walls, and ceilings.  

Female adult bed bugs can lay as many as hundreds of eggs. These eggs are the size of a speck of dust. That is why early detection is critical if we want to stop the spread of bed bugs - which of course we do - because getting rid of them after they have spread would be a very difficult task. For that, you may need the services of the local exterminator near me for bed bugs, Go-Forth Pest Control.  

Bed Bugs Are Terrible

Bed bugs are considered high health risks by several government agencies. These are the Center for Disease Control, the United States Department of Agriculture, and the Environmental Protection Agency. Their effects on human health can be comparable to those of mosquitoes, cockroaches, and rats. 

The first obvious effects of bed bugs are their bites. Bed bug bites are itchy, followed by a burning sensation on the skin that may last for a few days. Redness on the skin will also be visible. You would know if what got you are bed bug because their bites appear in a straight pattern. They bite because they feed on our blood. The danger is not that we are going to lose blood because of them, but that their bites can be very itchy and sometimes painful.They pierce our skin through their elongated beaks. We do not feel it at first, that is why we do not wake up to their bites. They quietly feed for about 5 minutes, and would simply crawl away after that. Bed bugs bite on any exposed skin, that is why their bites can be found in the arms, legs, and ankles.  

People who are aware that they have bed bugs also suffer from insomnia.  Insomnia is a condition wherein a person is unable to sleep, and when they do sleep, they easily awake.  This affects a person’s productivity during the day and becomes very lethargic.

Bed bugs have also caused stress to many American families. And who would not? The mere thought that once you sleep later at night with the bed bugs beside you would really stress you out.  

Then there are cases wherein bed bugs have caused depression, as reported by the Centres for Disease Control.  

So as we can now see, bed bugs are not just a nuisance, but also dangerous pests indeed. The only good thing about this is that they are not capable of transmitting diseases.

Signs That You Have Bed Bugs At Home

A sign that you have bed bugs at home is the bite marks on your skin that were not there the night you slept. However, this is not the best way to detect them for the reason that bed bug bites would only appear a few days after the actual bite. By that time, bed bugs would have increased in population and would be very hard to get rid of. Bed bugs can manage to give you bite marks on a straight line on your skin. That is why it is important to look for other signs of their presence. These signs include a sweet musty odor on your bed; blood-filled fecal matter excreted on your mattress; exoskeletons from the bed bugs after molting; and actually seeing bed bugs in the folds of the mattresses.  

Bed bugs initially can be found on the bed; they are on mattresses, headboards, bed frames, pillows, and foam. Soon after, if the infestation becomes heavy, you may find them in desk drawers, cracks, and crevices, behind wallpapers, in electric sockets, on the walls, and on ceilings, on appliances, sofas, and other furniture. 

How Do We Get Bed Bugs? 

Bed bugs are known to be very good hitchhikers. They hitch a ride on the luggage carried by people as they travel. We get them through other means too, like latching themselves to old clothes, used sofas, used beds or bed frames, and other used items. They have very slim bodies which allow them to fit into small spaces in our houses and can stay there for a very long time. Frequent travelers who sleep in many different sleeping quarters are highly susceptible to picking up the bed bugs. They thrive on any conditions, and sanitation is not an issue with them. Yet, you need not worry about getting bedbugs while travelling because there are things to bring to avoid bed bugs while travelling.

What To Do If Bitten By Bed Bugs

Bed bug bites do not need any real treatment because they heal on their own. For immediate relief, apply an ice pack on the bite areas. Do not apply the ice directly on the bite. To soothe pain and swelling, run cold water on your skin. You may also use soap to clean the area. Apple cider vinegar may also help. Put a small amount into a cotton ball and apply it on the affected area and soak in for a few minutes. Then rinse with soap and water.  

Is There Hope Of Getting Rid Of Them?

Upon early detection, there is still a chance that you can get rid of bed bugs yourself. If you feel you have some bed bugs at home, do not wait any longer before making your move. Do these few steps that are sure to be very effective in getting rid of them.

1) Wash your bedding in hot, soapy water to kill the bed bugs. Dry the bedding after washing using a dryer and place it on its maximum setting. Wait for 30 minutes before putting it out. 

2) Freezing the bed bugs also kills them. If your bedding has bed bugs, put it in the freezer. The temperature must be 0 degrees. Leave the item there for 4 days.  

3) Invest in bed bug proof mattress encasements. These are fabric sacks in which you can slide your mattress or even your box springs into. This will protect you from bed bug bites as they would not be able to pass through it. These encasements are also too smooth on the outside for the bed bugs to latch on to.   

4) Try using a vacuum cleaner to vacuum mattresses, sofas, chairs, beds, and anywhere you see or think the bed bugs may be hiding. Seal the bag and throw it outside the house responsibly afterward. This will ensure that the bed bugs that got caught in the bag would not be able to return.

5) Bed bugs are prevalent in apartments with several units due to the fact that people live close to each other. Since bed bugs are very mobile and move quickly, they can easily spread to other units. Inform your landlord about this; this ought to be their problem so they should call the professional experts. It is possible that the other apartment units might have bed bugs too. It would now need a large-scale control system to get rid of the bed bugs.  

For widespread bed bug infestation, it is time to let the professionals take over. 

Let Go-Forth Pest Control Handle The Job

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