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How Do You Wrap A Tree With Christmas Lights?

Wouldn’t it be nice to see your patio and garden decorated with Christmas lights? That will set your mood in a solemn and merry way. Even passers-by will be delighted with Christmas lights, that's… Read More

Can I Leave Led Lights On All Night?

Over the years, one thing that has become popular is the use of LED lights. It is now LED versus Incandescent Lights for Christmas. People are letting go of incandescent light bulbs in favor of the… Read More

Do Christmas Lights Use A Lot Of Electricity?

Do you know that even if you turn off the holiday lights, energy is still being used?  This thus adds up to your electric bill. This phenomenon is called phantom energy. It is said that on average… Read More

Cost Of Christmas Light Removal & Installation

As the festive season is gradually approaching, so is the giant dip into your bank account. No homeowner wants to accumulate more bills than they have to during the holidays! Nonetheless, it is… Read More

Outdoor Christmas Light Installation In Greensboro, NC

Christmas is fast approaching...the to-do list is piling up with activities, including decking out your home for the festive season. Everyone, young and old, anticipate the charm that the Carolinas… Read More

How To Power Outdoor Christmas Lights

The Christmas spirit comes rushing in when we begin to see those street decorations and house lights that gleam with the joy of the holidays to come. We can see various types of decor inside and out… Read More

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