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Let Us Talk About Weevils

Weevils are among the small types of beetles and are characterized by their long snouts which they use for making holes on grains, pasta, timber, flour, and cereal.  They have mouths that are at the… Read More

Things You Ought To Know About Weevils

Weevils are also agricultural and garden pests that can damage your stored foods in your house. Here, we learn more about these creatures, and how to prevent them from invading your home. Read More

Are Weevils Dangerous?

 Weevils - tiny little insects that infest rice, flour, pasta, and any dry foods we buy from the grocery - are everywhere. They are pests, bothersome pests that are truly not welcome in our homes. Read More

Weevil Problems? No Problem

Weevils are part of the beetle family. They can enter homes through small openings and in large numbers. There are a few ways to help control and even eradicate your weevil problem Read More

Best Pest Control For Weevils Near Elgin

Weevils can come home with you in your grocery bag. They enjoy eating dry goods and can live in the garden and eat your garden plants. With over 50 years of extermination experience, Go-Forth Pest… Read More

How To Treat For Weevils Near Elgin

Weevils can damage and kill crops like corn, grain and cotton. They can also get into the home and can be found on the walls and windowsills. An exterminator can help  you rid your home of these… Read More

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