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Getting rid of rodents is very important since these kind of pests can bring other pests to your home and also health problems. Rats and mice can contaminate food and carry diseases. Learn here how to get rid of rodents with traps.

First Step: Find Where They Live

Droppings - One easy way to find out where rodents live is by finding their droppings.

Noises - If you hear noises on the attic like scratching noises, then is very probably you have roof rats.

Gnawing - If you find chewed wires  or wood structures, most likely you have a rat problem.

Burrows - Have you found holes or tunnels in your yard, this can also be an indication of a rodent or other pest problem.

Step Two: Choose The Right Rodent Trap

Rodent traps can be a very effective method of rodent extermination, and they can be very cheaply obtained in your local Dollar Store or Super Market. You will have to inspect them frequently, because if you trap a rat or mouse and you don’t take this rodent out, then other pests might be attracted to your home. Always make sure all traps are kept away from kids and pets.

Snap Traps

Snap traps can be very effective for rats and small mice too, always make sure you choose a big enough trap for the rodent you might think you have. The classic snap traps with a metallic spring seem to do a better job since they have a more powerful snap compared to those new kinds with weak plastic mechanics.

Live Traps

With live traps rodents can get in but not get out, you will capture the rat or mice live and you will have to dispose of them outside.

Glue boards

Glue boards are great for small mice, but not so much for larger rats.

Step Three: Choose The Bait

Baiting Traps - Rats and mice love peanut butter and cheese and any kind of nut, but you can try any type of food you have available.

Rodenticides - These are poison pesticides used as bait, either alone or with a bait-station. Bait stations are used when you have pets or children. Is always best to contact a professional rodent exterminator if you’re trying to use rodenticides.

Step Four: Trap Placement

Trap placement is very important since some rats live on the roof of your home and others like to live in hidden places.

Root Rats - Roof rats are mostly found on the roof of buildings or homes, if you think you have this type of rat then the trap placement must be on the attic.

Norway Rats - Norway rats or Brown Rats live in dark hidden places, so the trap placement must be in hidden areas like basements and corners.

Rat traps are a great way to kill rodents inside, if you’re looking for a different way to get rid of them contact your local exterminator since they have other types of bait so that the rodents die outside your home.


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