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Bed bugs are tiny creatures that can be very difficult to see. However, they can become a huge pain when they infest homes and businesses. To prevent a bed bug infestation or to treat a current one, follow these steps identify the bed bug’s habitat and some common treatment options:

  • Any dark spots on mattress.

  • Adult bugs are about the size of an apple seed, a brown color, and oval shaped.

  • Let off sweetish-musty odor.

  • Bites are generally raised welts in straight lines and burn/itch very badly.

The Bed Bug’s Habitat

Usually, bed bugs live in box springs, mattresses, baseboards, wallpaper, and any closed-in areas in the home.

Now, bed bugs can be found anywhere. This includes family homes, apartments, hotels, hospitals, college dorms, stores, movie theatres, and even in five-star hotels. There’s a common misconception that bug bugs will only reside in areas that lack cleanliness, and lower-income areas. But, these tiny creatures can spread like wildfire and infest nearly every type of establishment.

Extermination Methods & Bug Bite Treatment Options


1. Inspect your mattress and box spring. Check them by flipping them over, vacuum over them (especially in the folds), and treat them with a high-vapor temperature. Let dry and then coat them in a sealed cover against allergies - which are sold in stores. Do not forget to do the same treatment also for your plush carpets, furniture, and accessories.

2. Prevent bed bugs from accessing your bed. You can place the legs of your bed in plastic container lids, taking care to cover a wide circular band of Vaseline around the legs of the bed. This will create an effective physical barrier against bed bugs.

3. Eliminate breeding sites. Frequently wash bedding, cushions, and remove any clothing that may drag down. Bugs appreciate every hiding place to reproduce, so it is best to eliminate all the potential areas.

4. Protect your belongings. Put your spare bedding, personal things, and any items in sealed plastic bags. If you want to ensure there are no more bugs living in your belongings you can also place your bags in the freezer for 6 days at -7 ° C or 3 days at -18 ° C. This will help eliminate some of the bed bugs.

Bug Bite Treatment

First of all do not scratch the bite! This will only make it itch more and cause the rash to become more inflamed. Also, make sure to wash the bite thoroughly with soap and water before trying any of these treatments.  

Baking Soda - Combine baking soda and water to create a thick paste. After the paste has been applied allow to dry and remove (This will bring down the inflammation and ease the itching feeling).

Aspirin - You can also crush an aspirin pill and combine it with water, to reduce the inflammation.  

Ointments & Prescriptions - If have a more serious case and want more immediate healing you can purchase over-the-counter medications such as Benadryl, naproxen, or any type of topical anesthetic that has pramoxine in it.

Lemon Juice - Get a cotton ball and soak it in lemon juice (you can also use witch hazel), then dab on the bite to relieve itching.

Calamine Lotion - Purchase this lotion at any superstore and apply to bite to reduce itching and to help heal the skin.

Ice Pack - Wrap ice cubes in a towel or similar compartment and apply to the affected area for 10-15 minutes at a time. You can repeat this method as many times as necessary.

If the bites do not clear up within 1 to 2 weeks you may need to consult your doctor. If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms there is likely are a more serious issue at hand, such as:

  • Inflamed bites that contain pus

  • Blisters

  • Evidence of hives or any type of skin infection

  • Abnormal amount of bites in a row

Here’s Why You Need To Take Care Of Bed Bugs ASAP

  • Bed bugs can live up to weeks or months without any food.

  • Their bites can often resemble mosquito or other types of bug bites.

  • Female bed bugs will lay more than 200 eggs in their lifetime, so these tiny pests will spread like wildfire if not taken care of.

  • A bed bug’s bite has been known to cause allergic reactions.

  • When looking for these bed bugs, use a credit card and hold it along the mattress seam. When doing this, look for dark spots or blood stains that should be on the top of the mattress.


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