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Six Easy Fall Pest Prevention Tips For Richmond Homes

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As the summer comes to an end, you need to take measures to prepare for a long fall and winter in Richmond. While you get your HVAC system and plumbing ready, you should also prepare your home for an onslaught of pests. All of these tips can help you keep pests away in cooler weather. 

Know The Importance Of Fall Pest Prevention 

Before you prepare your home, you should understand why pest prevention matters so much in the fall. In Richmond, pests can invade your home at any time. But during the colder weather, some pests are even more likely to enter your home. 

This is because both food and shelter can be hard to find in the cooler weather. Why would certain pests stay in the cold when they can shelter in your home? And why would they work hard to find food when you have ample food available?

Pests can spread diseases, do property damage, and be a general nuisance. If you don't do anything about keeping pests out, they could pose a serious threat. Furthermore, Richmond pests are nearly impossible to keep away when they establish a population inside your home.

The Best Pest Prevention Tips For Fall

Before fall is here, take a few simple steps to protect your home from the most common pests:

1. Do A Deep Clean

Rather than spring cleaning, why not try some fall cleaning? If you do a deep clean of your home before the fall season arrives, you can make food less available to pests. It's not enough to mop your floors or bleach your bathroom. For an effective clean, pull out your appliances and clean out the clutter.

2. Practice Safe Food And Trash Storage

Your home is full of food for pests, but your garbage cans and pantry are the two most common sources of pest food. To prepare for the overwintering pests, make sure all of your food and trash are properly stored. This means placing open food in tightly sealed containers and storing your trash in cans with lids. 

3. Clean Yard Debris

If you have a messy yard, pests will abound. Rodents, cockroaches, and other pests will venture into your backyard and, eventually, enter your home. By clearing up your backyard, you may be able to keep pests at a distance. Make sure to clean outbuildings as well as far corners of your property. This alone won't be an effective form of pest control but works well with other methods.

4. Seal Entry Points

Before you can seal up entry points, you need to identify the weaknesses around your home. Pests are getting inside somehow, and it's up to you to find out how. Inspect your property for cracks and holes, all the while taking measures to seal them up. If you notice tears in your screens, fix them as soon as possible.

5. Address Leaks

It's always a good time to check your plumbing. If you have a plumbing leak, pests will have plenty of water to survive. Some pests, like silverfish, are particularly attracted to moist environments. Hire a plumber to repair your leaks, and you may be able to limit overwintering pests. 

6. Call A Professional

Here at Go-Forth Pest Control, we provide ongoing pest control help. In the late summer, we can inspect your home for weaknesses and find ways to eliminate them. With our years of experience, we know what to do to keep overwintering pests out. And if you have any pests inside your home, we'll evict them. To find out more about our methods of pest prevention, call us today. 


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