Treating your home for termites can be tricky. Depending on the type of termite, you may have colonies of tens of thousands spread throughout your house, not to mention that they’re burrowed deep into the wood, and only specialized treatment will do the job. We understand that professional pest control can seem like a big undertaking.

Still, if termites are allowed to persist, you could be one of hundreds of thousands of Americans every year spending thousands of dollars to repair damage not covered by home insurance. Keep reading to learn more about DIY termite treatments, the kind of damage a termite problem can cause, and options for pest control in Charlotte.

a termite crawling out of a hole
termite mud tubes on a window frame

Can I Treat My House For Termites Myself?

There are many over-the-counter termite treatments (and some “natural” DIY treatments) that may reduce the number of termites you’re dealing with if you can locate the colony. However, as with most DIY treatments, it’s next to impossible to get rid of the entire infestation yourself.

When you trust a termite expert near you, they will likely use several methods of pest control to get rid of the infestation itself and prevent future infestations from coming back. With DIY treatments, you’re always going to be playing catch up, simply reducing numbers as you contend with fast reproductive rates and exponential damage to your structural timbers or wood exterior.

Not only are you going to struggle to eliminate the entire population, but finding evidence of termite damage at all can be difficult, especially if you’re in the earlier stages. Without professional assistance, it may take years to see signs of termites, and by that point, the hidden damage could be extensive.

Is It Possible To Fully Get Rid Of Termites?

With the professional assistance of a termite expert near you, it is possible to get rid of an entire termite colony. Professional pest control companies can help you eliminate the colony inside your home and set up a perimeter around your home to prevent them from coming back. Without a termite inspection, it may be hard to tell where the intruders are located and how extensive the damage is.

As pest control experts, our job is also to help alert you to your home’s risk factors for pests. If something in or around your home is drawing termites in, we can help you identify and eliminate these termite attracting features. To permanently get rid of termites in Charlotte, you will need professional help.

What Kind Of Damage Can Termites Cause?

In Charlotte, we primarily have to deal with subterranean termites. This type of termite prefers to live in the soil and infest wood that is touching or near the soil to stay moist. This means you may have damage to wood siding, patios and decks, stairs, window frames, doors, and outdoor furniture. While they will mostly stick to wood near the soil, they are able to move upwards and infest areas that have no contact with the soil.

If you have subterranean termites, you might see this evidence of termite damage:

  • Mud tubes reaching from the soil to the wood

  • Soft wood that sounds hollow when tapped

  • Dark or blistering wood structures

  • Uneven or bubbling paint

  • Feces that look like sawdust

  • Discarded wings near windowsills or holes in the wood

While termites can and do infest healthy wood, they often start their infestations in rotten or water-damaged wood. Therefore, one way to prevent a termite problem is to make sure the wood around your home is well-maintained, and there is at least a foot of distance between the soil and any wood around your home.

The Trick To Permanently Getting Rid Of Termites In Charlotte

Don’t waste time and money playing catchup with the termites destroying your home. Instead, call Go-Forth Pest Control for your termite inspection. Our professionals at Go-Forth Pest Control can locate the colony and any of its offshoots, ensuring that we nip the infestation in the bud for good and that you’re aware of any damage that needs to be repaired.

With our baited poison traps, we will also ensure that any adventurous termites nearby direct their friends to the poison and not to your home, protecting your property with less hassle for long-term peace of mind. If your home qualifies, we’ll even repair the termite damage ourselves. Call Go-Forth Pest Control today to get rid of termites in Charlotte for good. 


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