When you start seeing shield-shaped, brown, speckled bugs crawling on your home, you may have questions, especially if you see them in large numbers. You're probably already aware that those are stink bugs. But it is likely that you don't know what threats these insects present to you and your family. This is what we're going to talk about today. Here's everything you need to know about the dangers of stink bugs.

a stink bug on a window
a stink bug on a leaf

Do Stink Bugs Bite?

Some stink bug species in Greensboro have the ability to bite, but they do not have venom and are not known to transmit diseases. Some stink bug species do not have the ability to bite. The structure of their piercing/sucking mouthparts are equipped for breaking through the skin of fruit but wholly incapable of breaking human skin. In both cases, bites are extremely rare; and there are no known cases of disease transmission.

Do Stink Bugs Spread Diseases?

You may know that a bug doesn't have to bite you to present a threat to you. There are many insects that don't bite us yet are able to make us sick by exposing us to harmful bacteria and other microorganisms. They climb around in garbage and then get into stored foods or walk on counters. While stink bugs can do this, their behavior patterns don't make them efficient at it. We would consider stink bugs to be a low threat for the spread of bacteria. That's good news because the list of bacterial illnesses is a long one.

Do Stink Bugs Cause Damage?

Yes. When these insects come into your yard, they can damage the plants and vegetation in your yard. They suck the juice out of your plants and cause spots to develop. This can lead to plant decay. If you have fruits and vegetables, these are at risk of being damaged.

Are Stink Bugs Annoying?

You tell us! This is the real reason stink bugs are bad to have around your home. They congregate on your exterior walls in large numbers. They cling to your screens. They hang out around your entranceway. And, of course, they get inside your home. When they do, it stinks—quite literally. They hang out in your curtains. They sit on your light fixtures. They crawl on the television. And, when disturbed, they release a chemical smell that is unpleasant.

It Is Bad

When you start to see stink bugs on the outside of your Greensboro home, it is bad. Those insects aren't likely to stay on the outside of your home. They are adept at finding tiny entry points and getting inside. Stink bugs hide under the bark of trees to hide from the winter cold. This is why they hide under your siding and get into gaps in the wood of your home. They're just doing what comes naturally. They're also equipped to fly right in through your exterior doors when you come in or go out of your home. It is hard to keep stink bugs out.

What You Can Do About Stink Bugs

It is difficult, and sometimes impossible, to prevent stink bugs from coming inside. But these are our best tips to keep stink bugs out, or to deal with them when they get in.

  • Repair the screens on your doors and windows.

  • Be cautious when you go in and out of your home.

  • Keep lights off at night and keep shades drawn.

  • Replace exterior white light bulbs with yellow light bulbs.

  • Reduce moisture around your home.

  • Do your best to seal any holes and gaps around foundation penetrations.

  • Inspect potted plants before bringing them in for the winter.

  • If you are going to plant a garden, we suggest planting it away from your exterior walls.

  • Reduce weeds and unnecessary plants in your landscaping.

  • If you have a lot of stink bugs getting into your home, you can suck them up with a vacuum and dispose of the bag outside.

  • If you have only a few stink bugs getting in, there is a handy stink bug trap you can make with a 1-liter soda bottle. Instructions for these traps can be found online.

The Best Solution For Stink Bugs In Greensboro

Remember that the licensed pest professionals at Go-Forth Pest Control are available to assist you with all of your pest control needs. We can guide you in selecting a program that will reduce insects around your home and prevent their entry. Not only will this help to keep stink bugs out, but also the many insects that can bite, stink, and spread diseases. Reach out to us today for our professional pest control service.


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