There are many flying insects that can get into your Raleigh home. The secret to keeping them out is to implement a multi-pronged approach of sustained pest and home maintenance. Here's how it works.

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Your door and window screens are one of the most important deterrents you have for fly infestations. It is essential that you routinely inspect your screens and repair any damage. Be sure to check around the screen frames as well. Make sure there are no gaps that allow flies to get into the void between your screens and your windows or doors.

Door Seals

Your exterior doors are sealed by weatherstripping and door sweeps. If your weatherstripping or door sweeps wear out, flies can start getting in. You can inspect for gaps easily by waiting till it is dark outside and inspecting your doors. If you see light coming out, flies can get in.

  • Replace weatherstripping and door sweeps that aren't getting the job done..

  • Adjust double doors if they aren't properly making a seal with the weatherstripping.

Window And Door Frames

When carpenter ants, mice, rats, and other pests chew on your frames, they can create holes that flies can use to get into your home. As you inspect your door seals, take time to inspect your frames. If you have holes, you can temporarily fill them in with a silicone caulking material.

Open Door, Open Invitation

This may seem obvious, but there is something you may not understand about opening your door to flies. When you turn a light on outside your door to let delivery people, friends, family, and others find their way to your door, you also attract flies to your door. If you're able, keep the lights off until it is necessary to turn them on. You may also replace white lighting with yellow lighting. Insects are less attracted to yellow light. 


Some flies get into your Raleigh home without using an opening in your exterior. Fruit flies can come into your home on fruits and vegetables, and fungus gnats can come into your home in potted plants.

  • If you don't want a swarm of fruit flies buzzing around in your home, it is best to put your fruit in your refrigerator. This prevents fruit fly eggs from hatching and also keeps the scent of your fruit from attracting fruit flies that are on the outside of your home. A fruit fly can detect fruit from a distance.

  • If you want to prevent fungus gnats from coming in, some experts suggest applying a layer of horticulture sand on top of the soil in potted plants. It is also a good rule of thumb that, when you see fungus gnats flying around your potted plants, don't bring them inside.

Decaying Organic Matter

Many flies are attracted to the scent of garbage. If you forget to bring your trash to the curb, or you store trash for more than a week before you bring it to the dump, you can attract flies. Proper trash management and receptacle deodorization is key to reducing certain fly species. Fewer flies near your home will result in fewer flies getting into your home.


As gross as it may be, there are some flies that are attracted to feces. If you have a dog, cat, livestock, or other animals that leave waste in your yard, you can attract flies. Feces are a food source and an ideal breeding site for flies, particularly house flies and bottle flies. Stay on top of waste management in your yard. It also helps to create outdoor recreation areas that are away from the exterior of your home. If the animals in your yard get under your deck or home, use fencing to keep them out. This is something to keep in mind with wild animals as well. If an animal finds harborage under a structure in your yard, it can be the catalyst for fly problems.

Control Methods

  • A fly swatter is a helpful tool to have around.

  • If you have lots of flies in your home, such as fruit flies, fungus gnats, or cluster flies, a vacuum is a good tool for sucking them up and getting rid of them. Be sure to dispose of the bag outside.

  • Fruit fly traps made with a jar, vinegar, water and dish soap can help with a fruit fly infestation.

When You Can't Get Control Of Flies

If you're having trouble with flies and you can't figure out where they're breeding or how they're getting inside your Raleigh home, remember that Go-Forth Pest Control is available to assist you with all of your pest control issues. Connect with us today through our contact page and schedule a service visit. We'll help you figure out what's going on and guide you toward the best solution for your problem.


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