Can An Exterminator Get Rid Of Bed Bugs?

May 29, 2020

Have you ever woken up to lots of bites all over your body? You may not notice it when you’re in deep slumber. You need to know that those bites you get may be from bed bugs. People always say, especially to kids, before sleeping, “don’t let bed bugs bite” and this somehow applies to everyone. Even adults fall into the traps of this pest.

Bed bugs are pesky. They will irritate you until the end because they need you. The pest will keep on coming after you as they feed on you for blood. If they can’t find a host, they can still survive. But they will see to it to have a blood meal to help them thrive for months. The more you keep your home cozy, the better for bed bugs. It will help them to easily have a way to get into their food source.

Do you get curious about how you get bed bugs? In most cases, you get it from the outside. Visiting bed bug-infested areas is among them. The pest will cling into your belongings like clothes, shoes, and bags which make it easier for you to get it. Also, purchasing second-hand items could also be a possible way for bed bugs to come into your home.

When you have bed bugs, an exterminator is the best resort. He is well-experienced and has the best treatments effective for bed bugs. One of the common questions asked is can an exterminator get rid of bed bugs? We will answer all the frequently asked questions about bed bugs.

Do You Need An Exterminator In Eliminating Bed Bugs?

Exterminating bed bugs will never be easy. You have to be meticulous because when you miss one or two, your problem won't end. After all, the pest will keep on reproducing until their numbers are high once again. If you don’t let an exterminator do the work, you will keep on suffering from your bed bug problems. An exterminator is the best person to trust when you have pest problems because he has proper training. He knows about the pest like behavior, food preference, and more. An exterminator has an idea where the pest is hiding. Because of this, it is easier to apply treatments and get rid of them.

In addition, he can quickly find the source of the problem. Also, he can remove them since he has ways of exterminating bed bugs – from eggs to adult bed bugs. When an exterminator does the work, you are up for a bed bug-free home. A professional has all the proper treatments and doesn’t rely on DIY products which are not effective. If you doubt an exterminator in eliminating bed bugs, you'd better not. Actually, an exterminator is the most reliable person when you have pests at home. An exterminator is not only good in eliminating bed bugs but other pests as well.

Can DIY Eliminate Bed Bugs?

There are people doing DIY pest control for bed bugs nowadays. They find some hacks or remedies on the internet that they think are effective. Some of the common DIYs used for bed bugs are essential oils and rubbing alcohol. But, you need to know that not all the time, DIY works especially when it comes to bed bugs. The pest is small so they can quickly hide whenever you try to eliminate them. Some DIY will only work when you apply it directly on the pest. However, with bed bugs as your enemy, you’ll find it difficult to apply any home remedy. The pest can quickly hide under your sheets or beds and might not recognize them easily due to their small size.

If you leave a few bed bugs alive, they can quickly increase their population in no time. They can reproduce as fast as lightning! With this, DIY solutions are never advisable when it comes to eliminating bed bugs. When you do DIY too, you can make your home smell like essential oils. However, you will never have the chance to get rid of the real problem.

How Does An Exterminator Get Rid Of Bed Bugs?

You may wonder how an exterminator gets rid of bed bugs. Well, everybody does especially if, during the treatment process, you leave the house to avoid any risk. Since eliminating bed bugs will never be easy, an exterminator does not only use one method but he makes sure to apply different strategies that he knows effective in killing the pest. An exterminator can use heat as a way of treating bed bugs since the pest cannot withstand high temperatures. They will die when exposed to too much heat.

Another method an exterminator uses is by covering the mattress that has bed bugs. This will keep the pest in one area. Since bed bugs are not only present in mattress or bed frames, an exterminator will apply treatments or pesticides on other areas they are hiding like cracks, crevices, gaps, and more. There are spot treatments as well that will be applied. An exterminator does not only rely on one method or extermination technique but will use lots of methods to ensure that no bed bug can survive. Rest assured that your property will be bedbug-free in no time when an exterminator deals with your pest problem.

Will One-Time Treatment Remove Bed Bugs?

Having bed bugs will make you uncomfortable as they can sneak into your open skin and feed. When you see them, you would like to get rid of them as quickly as possible because they can be your worst nightmare. You think that a one-time treatment is enough but the truth is, a dependable exterminator will perform re-treatment so that bed bugs will be gone for good. You need to know that treatment methods used by an exterminator for bed bugs will not immediately guarantee complete elimination, that's why an exterminator comes back to treat your home again.

Your bed bug treatment can go wrong even after re-treatments are done. It means that the treatments are not effective or a few ones were left alive. Because of this, you will keep on seeing the pest on your property. Letting an exterminator treat and re-treat your home is the best because he can exterminate the pests successfully. This will avoid bed bugs to spread in your place which can severe the situation. 

What Are The Signs Of Bed Bugs?

If you still don’t know how to spot bed bugs in your property, one of the most obvious signs is the bites you get. You’ll see red, bumpy, and itchy bites on your open skin like arms, legs, neck, and more. You will not notice them biting you as the pest is known to be nocturnal meaning when you’re asleep, that’s the time they are wide awake and will attack you. There are times that you will feel them biting and there are also times when you won’t. Another sign to look into is the odor that the pest emits. Bed bugs have pheromones that they release which can be pungent and irritating to the nose. If you see black spots on top of your bed that could be blood from bed bugs and it is a sign that you have them.

These are common questions asked about bed bugs. If you have the pest at home, it is advisable to have an exterminator handle your pest problem because a professional is experienced in handling any type of pest even the hardy bed bugs. You should not always rely on DIY pest control because the results may not meet your expectations. But, if an exterminator does the job, you will be able to see different results since proper and appropriate treatments are used which are known to be effective in exterminating bed bugs.

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