How To Handle A Tick Problem In Fredericksburg

November 27, 2022

Although there are different types of ticks in Fredericksburg, they are all arachnids that feed on blood from mammals, birds, reptiles, and amphibians. Ticks favor warm, humid climates, but are found throughout the U.S.

Go-Forth Pest Control provides quality Fredericksburg pest control services and can rid your home of ticks by locating and eliminating the cause of the infestation. Our tick control experts will examine your situation and use professional-grade treatments to solve your tick problem once and for all.

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How Do Ticks Spread Diseases?

A tick infestation in your home will spread diseases as ticks steadily draw blood from their hosts for several days. When a tick feeds on the blood of an animal sick with a bloodborne disease, the tick will also consume the pathogens in the blood. The tick's saliva may seep into the host animal's skin in tiny quantities during the feeding process, which can cause irritation. If the tick harbors a pathogen, that organism has the potential to be transferred from one host animal to another by this method.

After eating, most ticks will fall off and begin preparing for the next stage of their lives. After the animal has fed on its new host a few times, it can pass on any diseases it has picked up.

Common Ticks In The Fredericksburg Area

The Lone Star tick, American dog tick, brown tick, and deer tick are the four types of ticks most likely to attach themselves to humans in Virginia. The Lone Star tick is mainly discovered in areas east of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

West of the Blue Ridge Mountains, the American dog tick spreads Lyme disease. While brown dog ticks aren't present in large numbers in Virginia, they are found throughout the state. Northern and eastern Virginia are the most likely locations for finding the rare deer tick.

The Five Best Ways To Get Rid Of & Prevent Ticks

The following is a list of some of the things you may do to prevent ticks in your yard:

  1. Don't let your yard get full of brush, leaves, and grass. Ticks, as well as kids and pets, like to hide in those places. Also, cut your grass often, so ticks don't have a place to hide in the shade.
  2. Keep compost piles away from playgrounds, decks, etc. Keep swing sets, sandboxes, and other family spaces away from trees. Wide chips or gravel might keep ticks out of your grass.
  3. Deer can carry ticks into your yard, so keep them out. Build a fence or use deer repellant; this might discourage the animals from nibbling on your plants and trees.
  4. Ticks love to take shelter in the crevices of fences, retaining walls, and the outer walls of outbuildings like sheds. Find out where ticks tend to hide, then check those areas frequently.
  5. Pets can contract tick-borne infections and bring ticks into the home. Your vet can suggest which year-round tick treatment to use.

If you encounter a tick on your property, avoid the urge to crush it (which could spread its germs) and flush or bag it instead.

Keep Ticks Out Of Your Yard Forever!

A tick infestation in Fredericksburg is not pleasant. Ticks risk your family and pets, so you don't want them hanging out in your yard. A qualified tick exterminator will be able to get rid of ticks.

Go-Forth Pest Control is a tick control company offering our Tick Protection Program in Fredericksburg to eliminate pests and ensure they do not return in the future. Our 100% satisfaction guarantee backs every facet of our service. If you have any concerns with the services, we will gladly return to make sure your pest problem is fully taken care of.

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