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March 20, 2018

Insect control is the management and regulation of any animal defined as an insect in Columbia, SC. Their activities usually hurt the environment and humans as well. Insects are made up of millions of different species which ranges from ants, fleas, mosquitoes to grasshoppers, beetles found everywhere and Columbia is not an exception. Insecticides to control most common insects are readily available but be careful as the chemical constituents might cause more harm than good. So before you reach for that can of insecticide just yet, why not try some few home remedy tips against some specific common insects.

Insect Exterminator

  • Ants – the best home remedy to eliminate these insects from your home is to get rid of anything that is attracting them. Keep the sugar and honey or any other sweets in a tightly closed container and close the water tap to avoid dripping. Cayenne pepper and cinnamon have also been knowing to act as a natural ants repellent.
  • Mites – these minute insects are found everywhere around the house, in the furniture, clothes and even on our bed and can cause serious allergic reactions. Vacuuming your house and washing your clothes in hot water is an effective remedy.
  • Cockroaches – these are the most problematic insects to have in a house, but a clean environment especially the kitchen and bathroom is the most effective home remedy. Catnip has also been found to repel them.
  • Mosquitoes -  these insects have caused a lot of problems and have managed to get global recognition for themselves. Sealing their point of entry and getting rid of stagnant water around the house is the most effective remedy. Usually, these home remedy can be adequate but sometimes it is just not enough, and we are faced with these annoying tiny insects every day. So if the problem persists, it is advised to call an insect exterminator.

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