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February 1, 2019

North Carolina houses one of the most famous cities in the state which is High Point. This is a city located in the Piedmont Triad Region of the state and is mostly situated in Guilford County, while other parts of it spill into the neighboring counties namely Randolph, Davidson, and Forsyth. The estimated census count for the population in the said city during the year 2010 is said to be around 104,000 while an increase was counted in the year 2014 which stated an estimated count of 108,000.

High Point, North Carolina is famous because of three main things that it is known to massively produce which are furniture, textiles, and buses. This is why the city has been referred to as the Home Furnishings Capital of The World. The city’s official slogan has also become North Carolina’s International City because of the many participants and people that it has attracted from all over the world through its High Point Furniture Market held twice a year.

Climate-wise, the city is known to have a humid subtropical climate which still allows for all four seasons of a year to be experienced by the people residing in the area. However, the summer seasons tend to be longer than the rest of the seasons, and that the entire year is frizzed with the warmth of the humidity temperature it has.

That being said, warmth and air moisture create very inviting environments for pests to dwell in. This is why Go-Forth Pest Control is here to provide you with pest control treatments that shall once and for all solve all your pest issues.

Moth Control

Moths are nocturnal insects that very much look like butterflies. Although the two pose great differences such as the color to start with, moths still differ a lot from the latter. These little insects typically eat anything that they can, even wastes just like what roaches would do which makes them very viable carriers of different viruses, bacteria, and the like. Our team at Go-Forth Pest Control have specialized treatments and equipment that are suitable for dealing with moths specifically.

Termite Control

One of the probably dullest type of pests one can ever deal with is termites. These wooden colored pests like to thrive in places that are hidden and gives them easy access to their food supply. Moreover, termites feed on materials and items that contain high silk content which is why they are commonly found in the foundational structures of houses because of their nature to eat wood. Our termite control treatment aids this problem up to its roots.

General Pest Control

Go-Forth Pest Control aims to provide its customers with the safe and pest-free environment that they deserve. Not only that we focus ourselves on getting rid of the pest problems entirely, but we ensure that even the cause of these issues is eradicated in order to control the situation further.

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