Richmond, VA Homeowners’ Complete Guide To House Mice

January 28, 2021

Far too many people think that pest infestations aren’t something that could happen to them. However, just because you keep a clean home and keep up on routine maintenance doesn’t mean that your property is any less attractive to foraging pests. Rodents like house mice know that all homes provide them with everything they need to survive. That’s why everyone needs to be aware of just how common mouse infestations are.

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House Mice & Humans

When it comes to pests that thrive off human activity, there’s none quite like the house mouse. These tiny rodents are experts at finding ways inside of yards and houses because they know that human activity produces waste and areas for them to seek shelter. As foragers, it’s this dependent relationship that allows rodents to survive. From the food they can scrounge up from discarded crumbs and scraps in the trash, to the nesting grounds that the voids of our homes create, house mice specifically target human structures. That’s why no one should be complacent when it comes to proper pest prevention, even if you’ve never noticed problems around your property before. By their nature, mice are good at hiding and avoiding detection, so if you wait for the signs to be obvious before you act, it’s likely too late to avoid the more serious problems that rodents can cause.

House Mice: Dangers & Problems

Mice aren’t just invaders and thieves, they’re health hazards, too. From the damage they can cause to the diseases they can spread, house mice expose you to all of the following:

  • Damage: Rodents chew on things in order to keep their large teeth filed down, which results in marks all over, as well as chewed-through wires, pipes, and containers.
  • Disease: Mice can transmit dangerous illnesses to people and pets, not to mention the fleas and ticks that they may also carry.
  • Allergies: Rodents give off dander and contribute to musty, dusty air throughout a structure. This can cause worsened allergies or respiratory problems.

Mouse Prevention For Your Home

To prevent infestations and the damage they can bring, you need to be taking frequent and active steps to protect your home. All homeowners should call professionals for assistance, but these are common steps you can get started on (and keep up on) to reduce your risk of house mice:

  • Food storage: Rodents can easily chew through food packaging to gain access to stored products, or they can forage for crumbs and collect just enough to survive. Store food securely and deep clean for traces regularly. 
  • Trash storage: You also need to make sure your garbage cans aren’t accessible to mice, which will find plenty of food waste in the trash from the day’s meals.
  • Declutter: Reducing excess debris and clutter, especially in the storage spaces of your home, will limit the number of hiding and nesting spots mice can take advantage of.

The Best Control Comes With Professional Help

While it’s important for homeowners to help their own cause, by keeping clean and tidy homes, the best pest control measure is to turn to professionals. At Go-Forth Pest Control, our friendly staff can provide you with more tips and tricks on how to fortify your home against invaders and reduce the things that attract pests to your property. We can get started on an inspection right away, helping you to identify all the problem areas that may need attention. Rather than assuming you’ve looked for all potential access points, let a trained pair of eyes assure you of that. Whether you need effective prevention or timely removal of existing pests, you can rest easy knowing we’ll apply the right solutions to your home.

Don’t let house mice claim yet another home, turn to Go-Forth Pest Control for ultimate protection.

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