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February 7, 2019

Lexington is a city located at the county seat of Davidson County in the state of North Carolina. As it is much known to be situated in the central part of North Carolina, it is also part of the Piedmont Triad region of the said state. The city is also located nearby a famous city in the state which is Winston-Salem. During the year 2010, the census confirmed that the said city is known to have an estimated population of 18,931. Being centered on the state, the said city also housed major highways including I-85, I-85B, U.S. Route 29, U.S. Route 70, U.S. Route 52, and U.S. Route 64.

During the late 1990s, the economy of Lexington mainly depended on its textile and furniture manufacturing industry. Until such the time that the local businesses and companies decided to pursue manufacturing operations in another country and part of the world such as Asia and Mexico which then lead to a great impact to the employment and economy of the said city at the time. This gave way for the city to welcome a lot more other opportunities and businesses that have to lead it to become as diversified as it is today.

Being part of North Carolina, Lexington City experiences what the other cities in the said state experience – and that is a humid subtropical climate. It is not as warm as one would think thus the name of the type of climate. But it is much obvious how the city’s climate condition compares closely to that of a tropical country’s climate as summer seasons are much longer compared to the other seasons in the year and that it is mainly warm in the city even during autumn because of the high humidity temperature.

This type of climate condition and weather changes invites for the creation of a different type of nesting spots for various types of pests which can become a problem, especially to homeowners. This is where Go-Forth Pest Control can provide its help and assistance to the people in the Triad region. Our company offers general and specialized pest treatment services that are sure to resolve all your pest issues.

Weevil Control

One of the types of pests being dealt with by households and farmers in the presence of weevils. While these creatures may be as harmless as their size, it is still not healthy to have them at home as they usually dwell in items that are consumable to us humans such as grains, cereals, and the like. They tend to live and literally lay eggs inside the grains of the products that humans eat which is significantly unclean.

Go-Forth Pest Control is here to make sure that you are in a safe and pest-free environment as to how it should always be. Our field experts are trained and equipped to provide you with the best pest control services that you deserve.

So what are you waiting for? Call in our local pest control team for an inspection now!

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