Winter Pest Control Tips

January 13, 2019

Pests can stay in your house for a week, a month, or worse for years. The season doesn’t matter to cockroaches, spiders, termites, and other pests even it gets colder. Winter doesn’t bother them anyway!

When winter comes, don’t forget that pests can still infiltrate your house because it is the time that they mostly stay indoors to find warm shelter. Don’t be overconfident that pests won’t give you headaches even the season is freezing because they don’t pick any season to pester.

If you want to remove the pests sheltering in your home during the winter season, here are pest control tips that you can perform during this season.

Firmly Close All Possible Entrance

Pests can come inside your house no matter how big or small the holes or gaps in your home. To stop them from getting in, close all the possible entrances where they can pass through. You can use sealants to cover those gaps and holes. From doors to windows, everything should be checked.

Use Airtight Containers As Food Storage

Pests like mice will surely find their way to your kitchen to make havoc to find food. To keep your food safe and clean, you can use airtight containers. This will avoid those pests to infect your food with diseases that may cause you illnesses.

Clean Your House Regularly

A filthy house can attract pests more since they love dirt. But it doesn’t mean that a clean house will already make you safe from pests. However, cleaning regularly can help in minimizing pest infestation. You should vacuum all the areas where pests tend to stay even the corners of your house.

Garbage Cans Should Be Sealed

Your trash can be a haven for pests because they can find food. If you don’t seal your garbage cans, expect that cockroaches, rodents, and other pests will keep on coming back to your home or worse will stay inside during winter.

Firewood Should Be Placed Outside

When the winter season is in, firewood is essential since it helps in keeping the fire burning. But storing it inside your home can be a way to attract pests. It can be a shelter for those hungry pests who are eager to infiltrate your home. It is best to keep that firewood outside to block those pests from coming in.

Take Away Clutter

Spiders, bugs, and rodents live in clutter which can be their shelter for life, especially during the winter. If you want to enjoy your warm cup of coffee during the cold season without being bothered by those pests, remove those clutter. You are helping your home be pest-free.

Here you go! These six pest control tips will help you enjoy your winter more. These simple tips can protect your house from any pest invasion.  

But if you can’t do these tips, you can still seek the help of a pest control specialist like Go-Forth Pest Control. We are your cheap pest control treatments in Chapel Hill which will come to you no matter how cold the weather gets.

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