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Do you need rodent control in Durham, NC? Exterminating rats and mice is one of our specialties! Our pest control company serves both residential and commercial customers, where we treat all areas in or near Durham, Raleigh, Cary, Chapel Hill, and more.

Rodents are destructive pests that will eat through your property and litter all around your home or office. If not gotten rid of swiftly, the damages caused by these pests can be pretty extensive. To avoid a prolonged encounter with rodents, you need to come up with an ideal control measure that will get rid of and prevent a re-infestation. While a number of people tend to opt for DIY rodent control for its purported affordability, using the services of a professional exterminator has over the years proven to have its own set of benefits.

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Why Hire A Professional Rodent Exterminator?

Some of the reasons you should consider hiring a professional rodent control expert are:

Safety Guarantees

There is a diverse range of rodent control measures that are employed, depending on factors such as the extent of the infestation, the type of rodent, and the available resources among others. If not carefully applied, most of these control measures pose a risk to the occupants of the premises, including pets too. Bait traps for instance pose the risk of physical injuries, while the use of poison can bring serious harm if ingested or carelessly handled. With professional rodent exterminators however, you need not worry about safety.

Using their vast experience in pest control, our Raleigh-Durham professional exterminators will handle the poison and traps with utmost care to ensure the safety of the entire household. This is one of the notable benefits of using the services of professionals to sort out your rodent problem. You will have gotten rid of the pest problem without getting exposed to any harm.


Hiring the services of a rodent removal company is also beneficial due to their efficiency. A majority of the exterminators that provide professional rodent removal services have definitely been in the industry for long. They therefore have high levels of experience and expertise in handling rodents. Their experience puts them in a position to deliver impeccable pest removal services that will certainly clear your premises of rodents

Re-infestation is another common problem that property owners face from time to time after eliminating rodents. This is another area in which you will find the services of expert exterminators beneficial. Most of the exterminators will advise you on the effective ways of preventing a re-infestation of rodents. Keeping the destructive rodents at bay will help save you any future encounters with them.


As absurd as it may seem, hiring a rodent exterminator can actually be more affordable than going about it yourself. As earlier mentioned, poisons and traps are used in the extermination of rodents in Durham. When you hire a professional exterminator, you are likely to find that they use small amounts of traps or poisons in controlling the pests. This is due to the fact that they know the strategic positions in which to place the poisons and the traps so they can get to the maximum number of rodents. In a DIY however, most people tend to use probability to maximize their reach to rodents. They will therefore use more of poison or traps and in the end, use quite a lot of resources.

These are just a few of the benefits you enjoy when you hire the services of a rodent removal company. As can be seen, it is a lot advantageous than doing it yourself.


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