If you've come here wondering "can termites bite you?",  the answer is yes. They can. The good news is that they rarely bite humans. Why? There are a few reasons. Let's take a quick look at them.

termites eating wood
termites looking for decayed wood

You're Not Made Of Wood

There are few people, if any, that are made of wood. Since termites feed on wood, workers have no interest in biting you. If you had a prosthetic leg or arm that was made of wood, you probably still would not have termites bite you—on your skin or your wooden appendage. The termites we have in Charlotte, North Carolina are subterranean termites. They don't feed on hardwood.

Termites Don't Come Out To Bite You

If subterranean termites get into your Charlotte home, they're going to stay in the wood of your walls. These insects have a strong aversion to dry conditions and dry air. You need not have any fear that they will come out of your walls by the thousands, or hundreds of thousands, and bite you while you're sleeping. It just doesn't happen. Ever. You can sleep tight.

Termite Workers Aren't Defensive

When you expose termites inside wood, you'll find workers and soldiers together. The workers, which are the only termites in a colony that are capable of biting you, won't perceive you as a threat, nor is it their job to defend the colony from threats. That's the job of soldier termites. You can rip apart a wall with worker termites in it and have no fear of being bitten. We would, however, not recommend handling them—just to be on the safe side. They can chew through wood. They're not going to have trouble breaking through your skin.

Termite Soldiers Are No Match For You

If you look at termite soldiers, you might think that they can do a lot of damage to you. Soldiers have fierce-looking black pincers on the front of their heads. While they are scary for sure, those pincers are no match for the likes of you. A soldier will use those pincers against ants and other small bugs with much success. But they're far too weak to break through human skin or to even cause a mark on your skin. Soldiers may posture (or be frontin') but it's all an act. They can't take you.

A Termite Bite Isn't Bad

When an insect bites you, there are many concerns you may have. Mosquitoes can make you sick with a virus. Ticks can cause you to have lifelong health complications due to Lyme disease. Black widow spiders have potent venom, and brown recluse spiders have venom that can be necrotic. Even insects that are normally harmless can present a threat if you have an allergic reaction. Fortunately, none of these are a concern with termite bites.

Are Termites Harmless?

Hardly. If subterranean termites infest your Charlotte home or business, they can create a financial strain that can have far-reaching implications. Homeowners in Charlotte rely on their homes as part of their retirement. When subterranean termites are found, extensive damage is often discovered. This leads to expensive repairs or the decision to leave a home in disrepair, which can present a hazard. If a business owner discovers termites, it can create a financial challenge that can cause a struggling business to fail.

How Termites Can Present No Harm

When you invest in professional termite protection for your Charlotte property, you make a decision about your future. You decide to take termite damage out of the equation. It is sort of like investing in flood protection. If you're not covered for flood damage, all it takes is one flood to wipe out your savings. Or you pay a small monthly payment to remove the risk. The same can be done with subterranean termite damage. If you invest in termite protection, you can take control of this variable and manage it better. With yearly inspections, you can reduce the risk for a price that is easy to handle. With the installation of the Sentricon® System with Always Active™, you can ensure that termites are never allowed to eat you out of house and home—or business. The Sentricon® System provides ongoing, always active colony elimination around the structures on your Charlotte property. When subterranean termites come to feed, they are exposed to the Sentricon® bait and they share it with other termites in their colony. This causes the active ingredient to spread like wildfire and naturally eliminate the termites by preventing them from molting. It is 100 percent active and 100 percent environmentally friendly.

If you have questions about professional termite control and you are in our Charlotte service area, contact Go-Forth Pest Control today. We're here to assist you with all your pest control needs.


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