Pest Control In Spencer, NC

Known as a railroad hub, the town of Spencer, NC, is full of small-town charm while also being close to both Charlotte and Winston-Salem. Railroad enthusiasts may know it as the home of the North Carolina Transportation Museum.

Along with being home to a museum attracting over 100,000 visitors, it is also home to various pests. That is why reliable pest control in Rowan County is so important. At Go-Forth Pest Control, we pride ourselves on providing dependable pest control at a fair price, keeping the residents and businesses of Spencer protected.

Residential Pest Control In Spencer, NC

Our homes are special to us. They are where we live, laugh, spend time with family, relax after a long day, and get away after an even longer week. Our homes in Spencer are full of meaningful memories. Unfortunately, all of that can be forgotten when they also become full of pests.

At Go-Forth Pest Control, we understand how important your home is and how important it is to protect it. That is why we specialize in providing a wide range of residential pest control services for the residents of Spencer.

Aside from our standard pest control plans, we offer the following services:

  • Termite Control
  • Mosquito Control
  • Bed Bug Control
  • Flea Control
  • Stinging Insect Control
  • Ant Control
  • Real Estate Termite Inspections

Whatever your pest problems, we have a solution to keep your home protected and everyone safe. 


The Difference Between Mosquito Control And D.I.Y. Solutions In Spencer

a mosquito biting human skin

While the summers in the South may get hot during the day, evenings are a great time to spend outdoors, relaxing on the porch and enjoying a cool summer breeze. But often, people aren't the only thing outside as the sun goes down. Mosquitoes are most active at dawn and dusk, meaning when you want to be outside, so do they.

While you can take some D.I.Y. steps to limit mosquito populations around your yard, there is no better option for mosquito control than help from the pros at Go-Forth Pest Control. D.I.Y. steps like eliminating standing water and citronella candles may force some mosquitoes to leave your yard searching for better options, but they aren't as direct as professional treatment.

Our mosquito control plans will immediately reduce the number of mosquitoes on your property by targeting the areas they frequent. We will treat plants, trees, and other places where mosquitoes rest with a backpack sprayer, effectively eliminating any mosquitoes that land there. We will also treat common mosquito breeding areas, so the population around your property won't grow.

While taking preventative steps to eliminate mosquitoes is helpful, there is no substitute for professional mosquito control. Call us today to get started with a seasonal mosquito treatment plan. 

Spencer Pest Control Pros On Bed Bug Treatments

a bed bug infestation on sheets

Having pests in your home is bad enough already. It is even worse when the pests you have to make it impossible for you to get a good night's sleep, which is exactly what bed bugs do. And while you may not think bed bugs will ever be a problem in your home, you should know that bed bug infestations in residential communities around America are rising.

The pros at Go-Forth Pest Control want you to know that preventing bed bugs requires taking extra care, including these steps:

  • Don't leave bags or clothes on the floor of hotels
  • Wash everything immediately after returning from a trip
  • Thoroughly inspect all furniture before you bring it inside
  • Wash any new clothes in warm water, especially those that you bought from second-hand or thrift stores

Even following these tips does not guarantee a bed bug-free home. If you find bed bugs in your home, contact us immediately for bed bug control. Infestations usually start in one room, and if they are caught early enough, you can keep the infestation from spreading.

Commercial Pest Control In Spencer, NC

You work hard to make sure your business is as successful as possible. There are long days and sleepless nights as you manage everything to run a successful company. Because of that time and effort, you don't trust anybody when it comes to your business. You vet your suppliers, interview your employees, and make sure your building is taken care of by professionals.

The same approach should apply to pest control on your commercial property. Commercial pest control in Spencer is too important to leave to just anyone. You need someone who understands local businesses' needs and the pests issues those local businesses face. That is why our trained pest control technicians take the time to inspect every property thoroughly and design a pest control plan to fit each specific situation.

Your business is too important to leave commercial pest control to chance. Let us get to work keeping where you work safe and pest free, so you and your employees can focus on making sure your business is as successful as possible.


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